Home Renovation vs Home Remodeling

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Often, people seem to get confused between the terms home renovation and home remodeling. Although both terms involve making improvements to your home, they actually do differ significantly. Each term describes different kinds of improvements – let’s discuss these differences and highlight which would be the option for your home improvement dreams.

What is Home Renovation?

Home renovation is the updating or repairing of an existing structure and includes adding some new elements to your existing structure in order to enhance it. The aim is to revive an old structure by applying current home construction trends which add value to make it new again. Renovations can range from minor (fresh coat of paint) to major (new cabinets and appliances) improvements.

What is Home Remodeling?

Home remodeling is the altering the existing structure so that it and the layout are changed completely. In other words, the space is used in a completely different way than its original purpose or is expanded with home additions. Remodeling usually involves construction costs and planning as well as changes to the existing electrical and plumbing systems. Therefore, home remodeling tends to be more expensive than home renovation and involves the hiring of professional individuals to get the job done properly due to the nature of the work.

Choosing Between Renovation and Remodeling

Now that you know the difference between remodeling and renovating, which one is the one for you? To make this decision it is as simple as sitting down and making a list of all the improvements you want done to your home. This task will help you decide whether renovations or remodeling is better for you as you begin to see to what extent your home needs improvement. For example, if a fresh coat of paint, new drapes, and a new kitchen sink are on your list you are looking at home renovation. But if adding a guest room, expanding your kitchen, and repainting the entire house is on your list, remodeling is going to be your project. Bear in mind that if you have a list of a lot of repair type work then investing in remodeling will probably pay off more in the long run. Speaking to a professional will help you make this decision.

It is important to chat to an expert to get their opinion, and even tips, on whether your home should be repaired or not. This will help you decide on how to go ahead on making the changes you want to your home. You may find that what you deem a repair will actually be a small fix (or vise verse) in the eyes of the expert. They will also be able to better asses whether it will is more reasonable to remodel instead, if repairs can’t be done on the existing structure. This expert knowledge will help you make an informed decision on what type of improvements need to be made on your home.

It is also important to know the differences between renovating and remodeling so that you are able to communicate with your contractor properly and avoid any confusions. This will ensure that the contractor is aware of what you want and can give you the relevant advice. If you know what you want done, you will be able familiarize yourself with the types of expenses involved and help you with planning your budget to achieve your dream home with the help of you contractor.

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