Interior Remodeling Tips for Your Children’s Room

Interior Remodeling

Designing your child’s room is very different from designing your own room. They have completely different needs compared to you which are important to keep in mind. It is important to think about what purposes your child’s room will serve and base the interior remodeling on this.

Space for Activities

The layout of the room is very important during the interior remodeling process as children need place for activities. Creating spaces for them to exercise their imaginations, focus their attentions when it comes to schoolwork, and having downtime when they need it is important to their development. Facilitating these needs within their rooms is not always an easy task but it is achievable and will help keeping their things in one place instead of scattered throughout the home. Some areas to consider including in the design of a child’s room are:

  • Playing

    Many children use their bedrooms as a playroom too. When remodeling their room, you should make sure that there is enough space for them to store their toys to avoid the room from being messy. In addition, you should make sure that there is enough space for them to play without any furniture getting in the way. This will allow them to have more freedom as well as prevent them from knocking into any furniture and getting hurt when they are trying to have fun.

  • Dressing

    Children will use their rooms as dressing rooms. A great idea is to create a space that can be used as storage for clothes that are out of season. Another great idea is to store in clothes that are in season in a space that is easily accessible to your child. This will allow them to be involved in the process of getting dressed and encourages independence.

  • Studying

    When creating a study space in your child’s room, it is important to allocate an area in the room that is to be kept free from distractions. This will be a study area, or a space where they can focus. The best idea is to place the desk against a wall which allows for the addition of shelves right above the desk. Separating the study space from the rest of the room will encourage learning and prevent distractions. This can be done by creating a space that is sheltered and physically cutoff from the rest of the room if the space allows. A wall, curtain, or room divider could be used to achieve this. Make sure the desk and chair don’t get in the way of any other furniture and activities such as opening a door or playing. If the bedroom has an attic above, it may be a good idea to open up the attic into the bedroom and create a loft. Creating this home addition will create more space that could be used as a study area or even a play area.

Creating Storage Space

Creating storage space not only helps your child keep their room tidy but it makes a small room seem bigger too. Installing shelves and wall storage will free up the floor and allow for more space for your child to play. Open shelves are great for items that need to be accessed easily and regularly. Using under-bed storage is convenient for your child as it is not too high for them to reach. It is a good use of space because under the bed is often neglected and becomes wasted space. Or you could install a second bed under your child’s bed which could come in handy for sleepovers.


When choosing the right floor for your child’s room, it is important to keep a few things in mind. Make sure that the floor is durable and won’t be damaged by the hours of play time they have to withstand. They should be low maintenance so that they won’t have to be replaced too often. In addition, they should be easy to clean as children tend to be quite messy.


Although windows provide light and can make a room look bigger, too many open windows could be a safety hazard for your child. They could get hurt or fall through the window. If you do feel that you want to install many windows, ensure that you take extra safety measures such as putting child locks on the windows or installing a safety screen.

As you can see, designing a child’s room takes a lot of thought that you would not apply to other bedrooms in the house. Remember this is not an exhaustive list of things to consider – you will have to think about your child and their specific needs and preferences. For an in-depth discussion about the best design ideas for your children’s room contact Millers Construction and Design for all your interior remodeling needs.

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