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kitchen remodel

Over the years, it has been found that homeowners spend more on kitchen remodeling than on any other room in their home. For many, the kitchen is a space where everyone comes together. Because of this, a kitchen remodel project could have many benefits.

A remodeled kitchen has the power to increase the value of your home, but it is also a stressful, costly, and time-consuming project. This is why we at Miller Construction & Design have put together a few tips to help make it a more pleasant experience.

Overcommunicate With Your Contractor

A rule of thumb is to never assume that you and the contractor are on the same page. It is important to communicate every single tiny detail with them — especially if you will be out of the house all day. Establish a communication routine and contact information if they have any questions.

Create A Temporary Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen won’t happen overnight, and it definitely won’t be easy living without it. This is why we recommend setting up a temporary kitchen. Pack everything that you will need, make a plan for meal preparation and food storage, find a place to wash dishes, and most importantly, be flexible! It’s not easy, but the end result will make it worth it!

Pick Your Appliances First

While the appliances go in last, they need to be picked first. The size of new appliances may have implications for the layout of your kitchen. The depth and space for movement around the appliances need to be considered. This includes picking out a sink, especially if you are opting for a larger or double-bowl sink. The increase in size may mean that other appliances will need to be relocated in order to fit.

Pick A Single Show-Stopper

During any remodel, it’s easy to think of every design you’ve ever wanted and put it into one room. But this can make figuring out the theme and the room’s atmosphere very confusing. It is possible to give your kitchen personality without creating an eyesore. Pick one “show-stopper” or attraction, and allow everything else you choose to complement that piece. Whether it’s the floors, walls, or countertops, pick one — and only one.

Lay Out Your Flooring Options

Depending on the pattern, a tile sample can be very misleading. Often we find a sample that we love in the store, but when we see it all together, it doesn’t quite work or is mismatched. To avoid any regrets, it’s a good idea to lay the tiles down without cement first. This is a great way to see how the end product will turn out before there’s no going back. Whether at the end of this exercise you choose a completely different tile or simply rearrange them to hide the odd ones out, something can be done before it is too late.

Don’t Make Design Decisions On The Spot

Being forced to make design decisions on the spot will almost always lead to regrets when it comes to kitchen remodeling. To avoid any design decisions being made for you or in the heat of the moment, have a clear idea of what you want before starting this project. The last thing that you want is to have a perfect kitchen with that one element that you can’t stand.

Know The Power Of Lighting

Lighting has the ability to make your kitchen look bigger and brighter. In the kitchen specifically, there are two types of lighting that you need: task and ambient. Task lighting prevents accidents from happening, while ambient lighting creates the atmosphere you’re looking for in a kitchen. This mood can more easily be created by the addition of a dimmer, giving you control over the light’s intensity.

Expect The Unexpected

2020 has given us many lessons, one of which is the art of budgeting! Unfortunately, when it comes to kitchen remodeling expenses, you need to expect the unexpected. If you want to stay within your budget, it’s a good idea to stay quite a bit under it. This allows for unexpected costs to arise without any added financial stress.

Miller Construction & Design Can Help With Your Kitchen Remodel Project

While a kitchen remodeling project can be stressful, it is also a very exciting time for both you and your home. Our trusted team at Miller Construction & Design would love to be a part of that journey. Call us today at 561-988-2637 for all your construction and design needs!

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