What Trends Add Value To Your New Home Construction Project

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New home construction trends can be seen throughout a home from the layout of the rooms to the materials used and even the coloring and texture on the exterior and interior walls. While some trends are temporary, others will last the test of time. It’s important to know which ones are currently trending, so that you can have that modern look when you incorporate them into your new home construction. A home that keeps up with current trends will have increased value – take a look at some of the current trends below.

  1. Adding Color
    Homeowners are now creating color schemes that match their personalities! Many homes in Florida have bedrooms that are getting bolder in color, and now you will even find color in kitchens and bathrooms. Kitchen cabinets are now popping with color and textures – kitchen flat cabinet styles are also currently trending they come in a range of colors many have jewel tones, such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and more. Mixes of blues and greens have often been found in the kitchen.

    Some colors are not trending at the moment, so do your homework first – the trend of avocado-green has crashed, and the tropical patterns and greens have also sailed. In addition, the all-white living room and bedroom color designs have dropped.

    If you’re not feeling too bold when it comes to color and design neutral colors are always a win and appear to be long lasting within home trends. You can also add color to your rooms in the flooring – wooden flooring is available in many color schemes – in the past lighter wood was popular but now shades of grey and brown coloring within wooden floors has become a trend.

  2. The Geometry Design
    The Geometry design has been seen throughout Florida homes within the furniture, paint and pattern schemes, walls and curtains, tile designs and even within the structure of houses. This has been trending for a few years now and may continue for a few more! We have observed that the angular shapes are more prominent within the kitchen and bathrooms designs.
  3. Smaller Rooms, Smaller Appliances
    As technology continues to improve, electrical appliances have become smaller including kitchen appliances – which are often referred to as ‘micro-kitchens’. These small appliances take up less space and give a more clutter free look.
  4. A Change in Materials
    Countertops are moving away from the traditional granite materials, and more towards materials such as quartz, cement or copper. Granite or marble countertops have been known to be porous, which will require maintenance as it absorbs anything that has been spilt onto the countertop. The new materials on the market are easier to maintain, and ease of maintenance has also become part of current trends.

    Bucket Sinks are now in fashion, giving your home a more modern look. They are also larger and deeper than normal sinks- which will increase its function. Another unique trend is wooden walls, which are often used to accent either the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

  5. Open Plan
    Open-plan dining rooms and kitchens are currently up for debate. Some designers are convinced that this will continue to trend, bringing the family dynamic together within the home, while others think that you won’t want to see the dirty dishes while you eat at the dining table.
  6. Saving on Energy
    Energy saving is always an important trend – although it is not incorporated into the design of a home it is something that is definitely trending in new home construction. Designs that aim to conserve energy and reduce costs are currently being implemented to reduce overall consumption of resources. Toilets will use less water, lights will use less electricity, and systems installed to cool or heat a home will use less energy.

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