Types of Home Additions To Expand Your Space

Home additions

Often a need for more space arises when a family has grown. A new member of the family will need a new room, or maybe some old relatives are moving back in and you’ll need another bathroom! Other reasons for home additions may be for business purposes, such as adding a home office.

If you are looking to add some extra space in your home, then consider these types of home additions:

  1. Room Addition

    A room addition can be one or more rooms that are built onto one or more sides of your current home.

    • Pros
      Room additions are perfect for creating much needed space if you need an extra bed-room, office or bathroom. Some extra rooms can have a bathroom suite added as well. They are one of the most popular types of home additions.
    • Cons
      Building a room addition is often a much bigger project than people expect- almost equivalent to constructing a new house. You will need an architect and/or general contractor to design and manage the construction of the room. It can also take up a lot of garden space, so another option may be to build it as a double story house, so that you can still have the extra room, while saving some garden space.

  2. Bump Out Edition

    A bump out addition is an expansion of an already existing room.

    • Pros
      A bump out can be a very aesthetically pleasing addition to your home, while also increasing the total square footage of your home. There are a variety of things a homeowner can do with a bump-out from adding additional sunlight, to built-in tables, window-seats and cupboards.
    • Cons
      The only major disadvantage to a bump out is that is can be expensive for the amount of square footage you obtain – sometimes is it more cost-effective to build an additional from than to add the bump-out.

  3. Garage Conversion

    A garage conversion involves converting your garage space into a living space/room.

    • Pros
      Converting a garage saves on extra costs, as it already has a roof, usually insulated walls and a few plugs!
    • Cons
      Garages usually serve mainly a functional purpose, and so they are not often built to look aesthetically pleasing. The converted garage may look great on the inside as a new living space, but the outside it difficult to change/improve. In addition, a home with an added garage is more valuable than a home without.

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