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commercial build-out

The lengthy and detailed process of a commercial build-out can be frustrating because of regulations and codes. Having a contractor who is capable of managing the project from start to finish will help make the journey much easier on you. Having a basic knowledge of each stage will give you a starting point when deciding on who to hire for as your contractor for the job. If you know what to look for, you can easily check that the contractor is up to the task. It will also help to ensure that you don’t encounter unexpected delays or costs.

Commercial Build-Out Phase 1: Design

  • Blueprints

    This is the stage during which the blueprints are created. Usually, architects and structural engineers will need to sign off of most aspects of commercial building plans. Having the right contractor means that they have the capacity to work directly with the engineer to create and execute the design accurately.

  • Reading The Design

    Designs can be read very differently by an architect than by the hands that eventually do the building. When working on this stage of the build-out, having the construction company already on board will go a long way in making sure the end product is created with the same intent as the design. It might also be wise to consult the construction contractor about any guidelines that normally raise issues where design elements are concerned.

  • Keep Function In Mind

    Design stages are there to ensure that the building is going to be optimal for its intended purpose. However, it is wise to keep the design functional for commercial build-outs. Sometimes, simplicity is best. This is also the stage in which the opportunity exists to research the most economical way of building. Energy saving methods and elements that will be beneficial in the long run can be explored before anything is decided and the process of approval, permits, and building begins.

Commercial Build-Out Phase 2: Plan Approval

  • Compliance

    This is the part where you know what you would like. You have worked at including all aspects into your plans but before you can progress, these plans need to be checked against building codes and zoning restrictions to ensure that they comply. Your contractor should have the know-how and connections to navigate this stage with ease. This would be after they have guided you in the design process, with the aim of avoiding non-compliance. The better equipped your contractor is for the job, the more likely that plans will have covered the basic guidelines and rules.

  • Weather Permitting…

    Understand that Florida codes account for hurricane season and so the process will be focused on the details.

  • City-Planning

    Aside from your actual building and its purpose, plans are approved with sewer lines and other city-planning aspects in mind. The plans have to be suitable not just to your needs, but to the location as well. Again, it is better to have an expert on board from the get-go.

Commercial Build-Out Phase 3: Permits

  • Workmanship

    A contractor having already certified craftsmen means that you don’t have to worry about the actual art of construction.

  • Special Permits

    Knowing which permits apply to the commercial building project you are working on is something you should expect from your contractor. There may be inclusions in your design that require special permits and running into delays because your contractor fell short on their research would be an avoidable frustration. It is a time and energy saver to have your contractor deal with the permits. This also makes them accountable for any questions that are being raised.

Commercial Build-Out Phase 4: Materials

  • Stay Informed

    Unless you are quite informed on the subject, the issue of materials may come down to a trust relationship with your construction contractor. You can check the grade of materials that are being used, as there should be full transparency.

  • Cutting Down Costs

    The temptation might occur to use more cost effective materials, as the other stages involving costs will have very little room for savings. Be sure to check the risks involved before deciding on this. A contractor with your best interests in mind will give advice as to where it might be acceptable to save a dime or two, and where it is ill-advised.

  • Regulations

    The choice of materials will also depend on the function and/or environment. You may not have much choice when it comes to roofing materials, for example, if the design of your building plays a role. Materials will also be regulated in some instances because of our weather.

Commercial Build-Out Phase 5: Construction

  • Different Stages

    There are a few stages involved in the construction phase, even though it is presented here as a final phase. The build-out will progress from foundation installation, to mechanical installation, to roofing installation, to finishes.

  • Assessments

    Each stage has to be monitored an assessed by authorities (usually municipal) before progress can be made, so even though it is the final stage and much of the paperwork is done, it doesn’t necessarily mean the project is on a downhill from here. This stage is where a lot can start going wrong. The weather could interfere, amongst other delays, and it is necessary to accept that this stage might not run according to your timeline. That being said, a contractor should be on the look-out for ways to counter-act these interferences in order to meet your deadline.

  • Managing The Process

    A contractor should be managing any sub-contractors (if necessary) and keeping you informed at every stage. The upside of reaching this step in the process is that you will finally be able to watch the realization of your planning.

In a project of any size, the benefits of hiring an expert building contractor is priceless. There are so many levels at which this build-out has to synchronize that it could very palpably not be realized, or take much longer to complete, without the right set of professionals.

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