Why You Must Hire A General Contractor

General Contractor

A general contractor is similar to an umbrella in the way that they protect your entire building project. Building or renovating your home can be a worrisome and tiring endeavor, and not to mention costly. This is one project where you may find yourself wishing that you were an octopus with eight hands to juggle all the tasks that come at you. There are many factors to worry about, such as sub-contractors, insurance, the safety of the building site, municipal regulations… the list goes on. For all these reasons it is beyond obvious that investing in a general contractor when constructing your home or building project is essential. They have the necessary skills to help you take on such a big project, but if it’s more convincing you need, keep reading.

Why Should You Hire A General Contractor?

  • Construction Scheduling
    Scheduling can easily get out of hand, and as much as 40 sub-contractors are often needed for a building project. These subs need to be on time with their respective project. If one sub-contractor is late, the next may need to wait, which can cause unnecessary delays and damage.
  • Contracting Knowledge
    General contractors work with contracts and other contractors every day, because this is their job. They will be able to help you with contract jargon and what some building contract terms mean for you as a paying client.
  • Building Trade Knowledge
    Each sub-contractor has their own specialization, and it will not be an easy task to ensure that every sub-contractor is doing their job as they should. General contractors are good at supervising all the subs, which means you don’t have to.
  • Capital
    The general contractor has the capital on hand to protect you and your investment, which means that your project will continue to be completed even when a sub-contractor threatens to pull out unless they get their money upfront.
  • Better Prices on Materials and Labor
    General contractors have built relationships with sub-contractors over the course of time, and they do business with more volume – buying in bulk, so to speak. The general contractor can save you money in the long run on materials as well as labor.
  • Risk Management
    This is huge, as this can save you from unforeseen expenses. Your homeowner’s insurance may not offer enough protection during a construction project. The general contractor has this in place from the get-go and will have workers compensation insurance and liability insurance in the event of something unfortunate happening.

More Benefits Of A General Contractor

On a general note, they free up your time! The last thing you would want to do is micro-manage everybody on site, right? The general contractor has enough expertise and knowledge to do this for you. Also, your building site will look so much tidier at the end of every working day – one can see the difference of a site with- and without a general contractor. And of course, they know the codes and processes to be followed to get your job done. The general contractor has expertise and experience in obtaining permits if need be, and will also be able to get you code enforcement so that your project can get approval.

It is clear that hiring the help of a building contractor is much smarter than trying to manage your project on your own. The general contractor serves as a single point of contact for you, cutting your worry time in half. Do yourself a favor and get hold of a reputable home construction company such as Miller Construction and Design for any building project.

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