Why You Should Interview Potential Home Builders

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Some people believe that with enough searching, you can find the perfect home. Others believe that dream homes are exactly that – personal dreams and visions – brought to life through precision and craftmanship. Dream homes cannot be duplicated. These creations require blood, sweat and sometimes tears, to make it happen. The process is rarely without its challenges, but it can be rewarding and altogether fulfilling, if you have the right home builders. The journey from custom home “dreaming”, to moving into your envisioned creation, lies almost entirely on finding the right fit. Home builders, like architects, can make or break your home building experience.

Where Do I Find Home Builders?

While your journey to custom home happiness is just beginning, it is important to establish a good relationship with your architect. The plans for your custom home should always be a balance of expertise (from the architect), creative vision (from the owner) and open-mindedness (from both parties). Once the plans are agreed upon and the ball is in motion, the next and most important part of the process, is partnering with the right home builders.

Finding the right home builder is like hitting the jackpot. You will have peace of mind that everything is being done expertly and securely. The best way to start looking for home builders, is to ask your architect. If you have done your research and found the best designer to plan your home, chances are you trust his or her opinion. So, don’t be shy to pick your architect’s brain about potential home builders, that he or she may have worked with.

Alternatively, you can ask trusted colleagues, friends or family for recommendations for home builders who they have worked with before. Another option is to research online for reputable building companies in your area. You could also visit the offices of building companies to see if their business is legitimate and to get a first impression. Are these home builders’ professional? Do they seem organized? Often first impressions of home builders can be telling.

The only way to find out whether a home builder is right for you, is to ask questions. Think of it as a job interview, you are the boss and the home builder is the possible candidate. The interview process is of utmost importance in any potential work relationship.

What Questions Should I Ask Home Builders?

As with any interview for job placement, the best advice is to start at the beginning.

  • Find out how long the company has been around for – longevity is key. It shows that the home builders have an established building history.
  • Are they licensed home builders?
  • Are they insured?
  • What is their company mission statement or vision and how do they adhere to that?
  • Have they got a portfolio of work they are able to show you?
  • Are they able to take you to some of their most recent build sites to see what their work looks like up close?
  • Are they willing to give you references of some of their customers?
  • How long do their builds usually take?
  • What are they differences between their initial pricing for a project and the final pricing?
  • What warranty do they offer on their work?
  • Why should you choose them above the rest?
  • If their prices are higher or lower than competitors – question them on their reasoning behind it.

There are many more questions that you can research and arm yourself with when meeting with home builders. This shows the potential builders that you are indeed invested in the project and that you are not going to be absent from the process. The meeting and interview will establish that you are involved and if you choose them – you will be partnering with them to ensure the final product is what you envisioned and more.

The process of designing, planning and building your new custom home is always going to be challenging, especially for the novices. If you find yourself in this season of life and you need some expert advice and help to move you from dreaming of a custom home, to building and owning it – feel free to contact us today. We would love to help make your dream home a reality.

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