Should I Include Heated Floors In My Bathroom Remodel Project?

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Cold bathroom floors in the morning aren’t pleasant, and though you might have always thought of heated flooring as a luxury, your bathroom remodel might be the perfect opportunity to have them installed. You might still be on the fence about whether to make the investment or not. We’re here to help you with your decision.

Miller Construction & Design has a reputation for being the best at building custom homes and spaces in South Florida, and we’re excited to start building custom dream spaces, residential and commercial, in Aspen, Colorado! If you’re considering a bathroom remodel and potentially installing heated flooring, here are some pros and cons to consider. 

Pros Of Heated Flooring In Your Bathroom 

Heated flooring makes use of radiant heating where heat is supplied directly to the surface such as the wall, or in this case, the floor. Heat is transferred from a hot surface to objects and people. Temperatures are generally set between 80°F – 85°F but can be set as high as 104°F. The warmth from radiant floor heat can be compared to the warmth of the sun because of the way it transfers heat. Tile flooring can leave your home feeling a little chilly in the morning periods or even after your nighttime shower.

Uniform Heating

Other heating systems that use vents to warm up a room need time to distribute the air. This can lead to uneven heating. Radiant heating will heat the entire floor evening across the room, as well as the temperature around the person. This is due to the nature of the heat transfer of radiant heating.


We’re going to start with this one because comfort is what you’re essentially after. Warmer morning routines, comfortable showers, and the knowledge that this is possible through low energy costs are definite pros on our list.


Added to the benefit of comfort, in-floor heating is silent and therefore gentle on the ears. There are no loud humming noises while your floors heat up. This is due to the coils under the floor that operate quietly.

Low Maintenance

Having to constantly be on top of things in your home is tiring. In-floor heating is one element of your home you don’t need to worry about it. Most warranties are applicable for 20-30 years and only when necessary do you need to perform maintenance. Otherwise, in-floor heating pretty much operates problem-free. It’s best to have your heated flooring installed by residential construction professionals to avoid any premature issues that can come with a DIY project of this nature. Should there be an issue, you can always contact your installer who will make use of a thermal imaging camera to inspect the issue for repair.

Energy Efficient

In the long-run, heated flooring is cost-efficient because it means low running costs. Because of the design of radiant heating, there are no ducts that could potentially leak as is the case with forced air systems. With radiant heat flooring, you pay for the air that you use.

Cons Of Heated Flooring In Your Bathroom 

Although the pros of installing heated flooring seem to outweigh the cons, we want to give you a clear idea of the downsides to installing heated flooring in your home, in order to make the best decision for you and your family.

Eventual Replacement

Although heated flooring requires little to no maintenance, it must also eventually be replaced. The problem is that in order to do so, your entire flooring must be replaced. This might be the main disadvantage of installing heated flooring.

Change In Floor Height

The change in height depends on the type of heating system you make use of and although this change in height is not vast, it’s important to note that it could potentially occur.


Initially, you’ll need to come up with the extra costs for heated flooring during your remodel. The cost will depend on the space you’re looking to heat. Another cost factor is energy usage. Energy usage is low, but it still requires energy to function. On the contrary, you will be making less use of other heating systems so this can be countered relatively simply.

Residential Builders & Contractors In Aspen, Colorado

A bathroom remodel is, in fact, the best time to install in-floor heating. Perhaps you’re already paying for your floors to be replaced. By spending a little extra on the project, you can elevate the comfort of your mornings and add that luxurious touch to your home. Minimal running costs means you pay for installation and benefit from the added spend, without feeling the financial effects. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, get in touch with Miller Construction & Design. We’re custom home builders and pride ourselves in offering our customers exactly what their hearts desire.

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