What Home Projects Can A Residential General Contractor Lead?

Residential General Contractor

Building your custom home can create a real sense of fulfillment. Whether it’s a new home build, or a custom home remodel, your home should be comfortable and functional, while still maintaining a sense of style. When it comes to home builds and remodels, a residential general contractor will add immense value to all aspects of the project. General contractors can head up a wide range of home projects. Here’s how a residential general contractor will add value to your next project.

What Exactly Do General Contractors Do?

A residential general contractor is responsible for the day to day oversight of a home build or remodel. They play an important management role and possess the crucial skills required for a home build. A general contractor manages the various vendors and communicates between all the parties involved throughout the project. They handle your entire build or remodel for you. You can see why having the right general contractor can be so valuable.

Home Builds

When it comes to a custom home build, the right general contractor can make your home project feel like a breath of fresh air. You get to choose how closely you want the contractor to be involved, and so you are still able to make the key decisions. A residential home contractor will give you various options when it comes to the location, the floor plan, down to the various functional and interior design elements. You remain the primary decision-maker and your contractor implements your decisions. The advantage here is that you benefit from their wide knowledge of building expertise. They also handle all of the key relationships with suppliers and onsite contractors, all while keeping a tight budget. This allows you to go about your day as normal without the hassle of having to constantly contact a supplier or contractor.


General contractors are more than able to oversee a home remodel. Smaller home improvement jobs can add tremendous value to your property while also adding increased functionality to your home. Although smaller remodels may appear easier than a new home build, they still contain certain complexities that require a qualified general contractor. Remodels that general contractors can oversee include:

  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Cabinet replacement
  • Refreshing your flooring
  • Paint jobs
  • Room additions
  • Bathroom additions
  • Deck Additions
  • Energy-efficient projects
  • Hurricane shutter installation

Employing the right residential general contractor can either make or break of home remodel. General contractors have a vast array of knowledge when it comes to how these different spaces fit together in your home.

The Unseen Elements

Home build and remodel projects often consist of hidden areas with which you can very quickly feel out of your depth. When you’re looking at a remodel, don’t forget to consider the need for an electrician, a plumber, a countertop contractor, an appliance installer among others. The advantage of a general contractor is that they can coordinate all of these hidden requirements and will probably be able to do some of the detailed work themselves. They also know what the reasonable prices are for different jobs and will ensure that you don’t get ripped off

Residential General Contractors In South Florida & Aspen, Colorado

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