Room Lighting And Electrical Installation Options

Electrical Installation Options

Light fixtures and electrical fittings can make a huge difference when completing the design of your house or of a room. We are now more spoilt than ever when it comes to choosing fitting and fixtures for our homes, and with the popularity of mobile devices, and built in USB charging ports now built into most sockets, now is the best time to upgrade your electrical fitting. Here are some of our favorite electrical installation options for each room of your house.


There are so many different kitchen designs available, it’s difficult to choose the best lighting fixtures, as it depends on the design theme you have in your home. When going with a modern kitchen, filled with granite and stainless-steel appliances, having electrical outlets on show at eye level can ruin the clean lines of the kitchen. Our favorite solution is to have all the outlets be sunk in the counter, and pop up with a touch. These keep your lines clean and hides the outlet when it isn’t in use. Complement these with LED downlights in a pure white color, fitted into the ceiling or a lower bulkhead for a more intimate feel. If you decided to go with a more rustic kitchen, you open yourself to more decorative light fixtures, that are a perfect throwback to older kitchen designed, or go with a repurposed light that creates an interesting talking point.


Bedrooms suffer from a similar problem kitchen do, you have so much choice and freedom when choosing your fittings, it’s difficult to choose exactly what to go with. Though your light fixture, whether it be wall mounted or ceiling mounted should be chosen to compliment the colors and furniture in your room. One of our favorite installation options include having main light fixture to light up the entire room, and a set of downlights on a separate two-way switch above your bed. The downlights should have a more natural gold color, and can be used as substitute to bedside lamps, with the two-way switches mounted on the wall at either side of the bed, you and your partner can either control both down lights, or just per side. Installing electrical outlets with built in USB ports, frees up the main outlet for traditional plugs and allows you to charge all your devices without the need of clunky charges.

Lights For Any Room

Should you prefer to have no visible lighting fixtures, creating cove lighting will help you achieve that look. To create cove lighting, you will need to remove your current cornices from your wall and ceiling and replace them with a cornice that incorporates and deliberate gap between the cornice and the ceiling. Then carefully place LED Rope lights into this gap and have it wired to your regular switch. The lights when on will reflect off the ceiling and light up the room. Using ultra white LEDs will light the whole room up like normal, while settling for a cooler gold light can be used to create ambient candle lit effect.

At the end of the day, choosing what lights to go with is a truly personal choice, and consulting the latest custom home trends in home design will help you decide on the final look of the room and to what lights would suit the space. Should you need any help with designing your space, or if you are looking to renovate, we at Miller Construction & Design will be happy to assist.

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