Home Alterations To Guard Against Flood

Home Alterations

Flooding is a natural disaster that is relatively common in Florida, and the United States of America as a whole. It is suggested that 90% of damage due to natural disasters is caused by flooding and the rubble it carries with it. Unfortunately, as a home-owner, the consequences of flooding can lead to the damage or complete destruction of your property, which will require you to pay for the repair/rebuilding or even the buying of another home. To avoid to these costs, hiring a qualified and quality contractor for home alterations to guard against this disaster is a sensible and recommended suggestion. Flood mitigation as a home-owner is cost effective in the long run, because you will be protecting your property and belongings from damage. Also, the well-being and safety of yourself and/or of your family is more secure with these home alterations.

When Is It Best To Start Alterations?

There is no specific season that causes flooding, as it can occur at any time. However, there is a higher risk of flooding in the rainy seasons, from late spring to fall (May to November). It is then best for home alterations to be made during the drier months (December to April).

What Do These Home Alterations Include?

Home alterations include outdoor and indoor alterations, that when done well, will insure successful flood mitigation. Hiring a licensed and trusted contractor like those at Miller Construction and Design, will further assure quality home alterations.

Indoor Alterations

  • Installing flood vents.
  • Installation of drain plugs for drains and sewer backflow valves for pipes entering building.
  • Installation of sump pump: Pump groundwater away from house.
  • Installation of a Flood alert system.

Outdoor Alterations

  • Installation of a rain barrel.
  • Anchoring outdoor Fuel tanks.
  • Modifying water valves.
  • Installation of foundation vents.
  • Dry-proofing your walls.
  • Raising home on columns.
  • Modifying and maintaining gutters.
  • Covering window wells.

It is also recommended that you try to protect your valuables and electrical systems by elevating them like placing them on shelves or away from the ground.

Benefits Of Flood Mitigation Home Alterations

Flood mitigation in your home does involve costs, but as a home-owner, you can think of these flood prevention measures as investments, because even though these mitigation techniques will cost you, the return you will get back from them will outweigh the cost. Advantages of alterations against floods include:

  • Avoiding property losses and damage.
  • Enhanced safety and sense of security.
  • Long term cost effectiveness.
  • Reduction of damage to possessions and valuables.

Tips For Flood Preparations

Flood preparation and flood mitigation work hand-in-hand to ensure your safety and the prevention of the destruction of your property and belongings. Besides preparing your home and property, you need to understand the flood risk of your community. You can prepare for a flood in several ways, some of these ways include:

  • Checking for local flood plans and maps from your local city.
  • Preparation of emergency kits.
  • Checking for flood coverage from insurance.
  • Making possible evacuation plans.

You can also check to see if your area is a proposed zone for flooding by using the FEMA flood maps. You can do this by going online and looking up your address on the FEMA Flood Map Service Center page. Alternatively, you can get your own private evaluation done. It is also possible to ask for a Flood Analysis Memo from the No Flood Florida group, which incorporates FEMA and local sources to make reports that will give you, as a home-owner, a reliable snapshot of your exposure to flood risk.

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