Is A Residential Design Build Right For You?

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If you’re looking to update your home or build a new one, you might not realize you have options when you’re forming your construction team. Residential design build isn’t a new concept, but it is gaining popularity as homeowners realize the benefits.

What Is A Residential Design Build?

Design build is when the design contractors and construction contractors are on the same team. With this type of build, you will only have one contract, which means only one point of contact. You can direct any questions, concerns, or plans at one contractor and their team.

This is opposed to a traditional design approach that separates design and construction contractors. When working with separate entities for design and construction, the homeowner is the point of communication for both teams. If there are any problems between the two, it is left up to the homeowner to resolve them.

With a residential design build, one company does everything. They’ll handle the design, construction, sub-contractors, and delivery. Whether you’re looking to have your kitchen remodeled, add an addition to your home, or have a completely new home constructed, you can do it as a design build.

Who Can You Work With?

There are several different types of contractors that you can work with when building or remodeling. You should find the right fit for you and your project.

General Contractors

General contractors are the traditional type of contractors. They will hire sub-contractors that specialize in specific fields, like plumbing or electric. They will oversee the entire project, and they are the person you go to with any questions or changes.

They differ from a design build contractor because they will not help you choose the materials that are best for your project. They do not help you with the overall design. It will be up to you to find materials and styles that fit your vision and your budget.

Specialty Service Contractors

Specialty Service Contractors can serve as their own general contractor. They will specialize in a specific area of work, like roofing or electric. Hiring these contractors can save you money, but they will take more time to complete the project.

They’re less expensive because the typical general contractor fees are not applied. This is not necessarily a good thing. General contractors add the additional fee because they take on the responsibility of scheduling the specialty service contractor as well as the quality of the final product.

Design Build Contractor

A residential design build contractor does everything a general contractor does and more. They contribute to the final product in function and design. This means that they will be working with you, the homeowner, to find the perfect materials and design for your project.

As a client, you know what you want your finished product to be. A design build contractor will help you find your desired look and function by locating materials and designs within your budget. All you’ll have to do is pick your favorite from the options they bring you.

Interior Designers Are Not Interior Decorators

There is a distinct difference between designers and decorators. Designers are responsible for the look and function of the space. In comparison, the designer controls anything that is a permanent fixture, such as the cabinets’ size and style or where the kitchen island is placed. Decorators come in afterward and fill up the already designed space with furniture, rugs, art, and other items.

Make Sure Your Contractor Is Licensed

Don’t be afraid to ask the company you want to work with for their insurance information. You can then ask the insurance company to provide proof of that insurance.

Florida has several different types of contractor licenses, so make sure your team has a license for your specific project. Florida’s licensure requirements include general liability and worker’s compensation insurance, a construction examination, and more.

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