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home hurricane damage

In the USA, the Gulf region’s warm waters and humid climate make it particularly susceptible to hurricanes and home hurricane damage, causing up to $10 billion worth of damage annually. If you or your loved ones live in Florida or elsewhere on the Gulf coast, knowing the types of damage that can be expected may help you protect yourself, your home or your business and plan for repairs following a hurricane to make it safe, secure and habitable as soon as possible.


  • Water Damage

    Hurricanes bring torrential rainfall with forces that can damage structures in both the long and short term. Immediately, heavy rain can cause roofing to become damaged and ineffective, flash flooding can cause valuables and important residential structures to be washed away and even put your life at risk. In the long term, water damage can lead to serious structural damage to floor boards, weight-bearing structures, mold and other health and structural risks.

  • Repair

    Make sure your home and property is thoroughly inspected and assessed by licensed and experience contractors. Removing the flood water by means of water extraction services is one of the best ways to quickly begin repairs as well as prevent further, long term damage. Some companies, like Miller Construction & Design, offer services like structural drying and dehumidification as well as mold extraction to ensure that your home heals in a way that is optimal for your and your family’s health.


  • Wind Damage

    There are few things as devastating as the damage caused by the gale force winds associated with hurricanes. Most commonly, wind damages roofing – this leaves you exposed to water damage and is often overlooked until it is too late and has caused serious damage to your roof and your home’s interior. Wind can also damage outdoor structures such as gutters, siding, awnings and even windows. Wind has also been known to damage town’s power lines which may leave you without electricity for a number of days.

  • Repair

    Installing tarp after a hurricane or during the danger season can be one of the easiest ways to protect your roof from wind and water damage. Boarding up windows can supply you with added protection from the harsh weather as well as post-disaster looting. Installation of generators can help with repairs and really boost your quality of life.


  • Waste Damage

    Hurricanes carry major kinetic energy and are able to cause a lot of damage to buildings, structures, vehicles and the environment. The creation, collection and then cumulative damage caused by the debris associated with hurricanes can be overwhelming.

  • Repair

    Debris removal, although it may sound simple, can prove to be a particularly difficult task when the volume and the logistical aspects are thoroughly considered. Calling in a professional company to remove debris from your yards, roofs and around your vehicles can make the biggest difference in completing repairs.


  • Hail Damage

    Even with the usual heat along the Gulf coast, hurricanes can bring such extreme weather that exposure to hail during a storm is not impossible. Although the damage may not be immediately obvious, heal stones can cause damage and leaks in roofing that may lead to aging, structural damage and weakening; it can also leave your roof exposed and susceptible to damage in the future.

  • Repair

    Tarping and boarding are the primary repair choices when it comes to hail damage. Some damage may be so extensive that complete reconstruction services may be required.

Whatever your damage, Miller Construction & Design are here for you. Our experienced staff offer an all-encompassing approach to construction and repair. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the best possible care and services to our customers; especially valuable when suffering from the devastation caused by natural disasters. If you have any questions about hurricane damage, repair or any of our other services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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