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Home Construction

Planning and constructing your dream home can be an exciting experience, provided you are well prepared for the construction process! These kinds of projects are a biggie, and sometimes cause an unnecessary amount of stress should things go wrong. But, building your new home can be smooth and satisfying if you have the right builder and if you are pre-prepared. Luckily, Miller Construction and Design has created a handy home construction checklist for you.

1. Pre-Construction Phase

Before you bring out the sledge hammers, you need to make sure you know what you’re in for during construction. Although many people rush through this, the pre-construction phase is going to help with alleviating potential frustrations later on. Do not neglect this essential phase!

  • Know That Building Takes Time

    In this pre-construction phase, you need to start your building project with the right attitude – that means, having lots of patience. You should remind yourself that sometimes things can be delayed. Even if things are going smoothly, you won’t get a new building in a few days. The more time and effort that is put into a building, the better quality it will be, and the more satisfied you will become! Don’t rush things and don’t rush decisions.

  • Do Some Research And Create Your ‘Wanted List’

    Before you plan with your chosen contractor, do some research in building and interior designs. This is so that you can decide beforehand what you want. Create a list of the things you want to include in your designs. Make sure to ask for any suggestions or ideas from a licensed builder that has a lot of experience. The more you research, the more you know and then you’ll be able to plan better. Take a look at our home design for some inspiration!

  • Include Those Who Are Involved

    You should get in touch with the people who will be living in the new or renovated building. For example, if you and your significant other decided to build a new home, make sure that you both share the same ‘want list’, and that you both agree on the construction plans and designs. You don’t want to have unnecessary delays or issues due to contrasting opinions.

  • Be Aware Of Your Finances

    Sometimes we forget what financial limit we have set if we get too excited. Make sure you stick to your budget to avoid any extra problems or unwanted stress. You’ll need to regularly monitor your finances from the Pre-Construction phase to the Post-Construction phase.

  • Prepare Your Permits

    Make sure you have your permits in order. There will be different permits for different construction or renovation projects. You must also make sure that you have a licensed contractor who is properly qualified.

  • 2. Construction Phase

    To build an entire new home is a long and complicated process. You should familiarize yourself with these phases so that you’ll know what to expect and what to do during each phase. This process will include the following:

    • Foundation Phase

      This is where land is excavated, grounds are leveled, and footings and walls are installed. Drainage is often implemented in this phase too. You might need to implement a municipality check when this occurs.

    • Framing Phase

      The walls and the roof are installed, along with interior partitions and then soon after windows and doors are installed. Be sure to check with your contractor about installation in appropriate weather. Sometimes if the weather is severe, it can harm the framework when it’s not fully enclosed by the roof and doors. This is often where delays may occur.

    • Interior Work

      This is when insulation and HVAC systems are installed. Flooring will also be installed, along with cupboards and cabinets, and ceilings will also be painted. Be sure to check that they are installing the cupboards and cabinets with the colors and designs of your choice.

    • Exterior Work

      Everything on the outside of the house that needs to be installed would consist of things such as decks, porches, steps, driveways, and paths. Siding or wall cladding will also be installed if necessary. Talk with your contractor and go through an exterior inspection with him/her to ensure that you are both on the same page. You’ll also probably have to notify the neighbors in advance about any potential noise pollution.

    • Final Touches

      The exciting time of finishing a new home! Check with your contractor to see if everything is in good working order, and if you need some final touches.

    There are some basic steps to home construction that you need to consider during this phase which your contractor can guide you through. Keep in mind that plans can change during this phase. You should plan ahead with your finances so that you can keep some aside in case things need to be changed, or more installations should occur. Note that any construction or renovation will be loud and messy during this phase. Notify your neighbors and members in the household that is to be renovated if this is the case.

    3. Post Construction Phase

    This is the final phase, and it basically is the clean-up phase! After construction, there will undoubtedly be a lot of fine dust and debris that needs to be cleaned up. If this is left unattended, the fine dust can cause allergies or respiratory problems for the residents. Vacuum the carpets and upholstery and sweep and mop the floors. Check the vents need to be cleaned or replaced.

    Now that you have read your complete handy dandy home construction checklist, contact Miller Construction and Design for your home construction needs. We offer a turnkey solution to any size project. We are licensed and insured to perform work throughout the state of Florida.

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