What To Expect During A Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodel

A kitchen remodel is a process that needs a lot of planning, especially since it is one of the most used rooms in a typical home. Because it can be quite a costly renovation, it is crucial to make decisions according to your priorities and budget so that the aspects that are most important to you will be addressed even if plans change.

Planning and Budget

Planning is possibly the biggest part of your kitchen remodeling process because there are a lot of decisions that need making. Most of these decisions can and should be made by you as the homeowner and person who will be using the space, but there are some things you might very well need help with.

Think carefully about how you use your kitchen and put effort into the parts you use the most. There are a few different categories that might assist you in making these decisions.

  • Cabinets
    Storage space in the kitchen is something most of us need, but it all depends on the amount of kitchen equipment you own, quantity and size of crockery, utensils, appliances and counter space. You should also think about whether you like a more relaxed yet easily accessible kitchen or one where everything is packed away in drawers or cabinets. For a more minimal look, plenty of drawers or cabinets could for example be the answer, whereas if you have plenty of spices and jars and crockery that you want to display, an arrangement of open shelves or wracks could be a simple answer.
  • Workspace
    If you need a lot of space to prepare food and like to entertain in your kitchen, counter space will definitely be a priority. This is a relatively easy thing to create, as long as your kitchen is spacious. There is then the option of an island, bar style counter or counter tops along walls which are perfect for making the most out of wall space. There are endless possibilities when it comes to materials for counter tops, and according to your budget and your priorities these will become more apparent. Speaking to a professional in this field could help you tremendously, as different counter materials have different characteristics that can be beneficial to your needs.
  • Appliances
    This part of a kitchen remodel very much depends on what appliances you have and which ones you wish to replace. If an appliance needs to be built in like a hob, this makes the decision a lot easier. Extractor fans can also be a useful addition to a new stove. Investing in a hardy dishwasher could be practical if you have children for example, or even a larger fridge might come in handy. Appliances like these cost money, thus need to be considered with precision. It is necessary to think of all the parts of your kitchen in relation to each other, so that you do not over spend on something that will not be useful.

Renovation Time

Your kitchen remodel needs time. First the old kitchen needs to be removed, or parts of it at least, making space for the new cabinets, appliances and fittings. Cabinets, shelving and counters need the most amount of time, especially when they are custom made, needing time for measurements and ordering of specific parts. Appliances take time for ordering and shipping, but most appliances need hardly any installation work.

This means you need to plan alternative cooking arrangements for the time your kitchen remodeling is taking place, either eating out or staying with friends or family. This may seem like an inconvenience, but it will be worth it eventually, as you will appreciate your new-found pleasure of working in your very own kitchen.

All of these decisions are time consuming and often exhausting, making it a good investment to consult with our construction team. Among our large variety of home improvement solutions, there should be one just for you.

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