The Top 5 Reasons For An Office Remodel

office remodel

Office remodels mark exciting times. Company expansions, rebranding, and moving office altogether to start from scratch are big steps to take in moving your business forward. Remodels are the perfect time to look at more than just the building you house your business in, but also the ways you can make the remodel work for you.

1: Productivity Is Key

If your accounting team has to walk up three floors to speak to their colleagues, chances are you’re lowering the potential productivity of your office space. An office remodel allows you to have a second look at your floor plan and make sure you have teams sitting together, and that communication is easily facilitated.

You also have the option of changing your work space’s feel. Depending on how your employees work, you may want to switch from cubicles to open office space, or even add in some corner offices. Every business will work differently, so this is decision is influenced by your own company’s worth ethic.

2: Dated Design To Modern Times

Remodels can also bring old fashioned buildings and office spaces into the present day. Dated architecture may have its place, but it’s probably not what you want clients and customers seeing as soon as they enter your door.

Your space can also look dated if the company brand has been updated. New logos and colors all add to a sense of cohesiveness both inside your business and when comparing to neighboring branches. Modernization can include almost any effort to bring the office space into recent trends, including installing energy-saving measures.

3: The Future Is Green

Going green means saving money and turning your business into an environmentally friendly endeavor.

A dark and dimly lit office requires much more capital to keep the lights on, even just installing energy-saving LED bulbs will save you money in the long run. If your office is suited for it, we highly recommend skylights to make use of all the natural light we already have around us. They can reduce the time you need bulbs to be on, and they work wonders to lighten up a small space.

4: Growing Business, Growing Space

Office remodels can be a celebration of business growth. Expanding businesses need more space for their employees and their equipment, and remodeling to better utilize your office space can only lead to good things. You might have a new team set up in your office, or maybe you’re merging with your colleagues from the other side of town. Either way, taking stock of the furniture and equipment you have is going to be useful in preparing for your office remodel.

5: Employee Safeguarding

Crowded offices with boxes of old furniture or dated security systems can be potential hazards. No one wants to think of the worst-case scenario, but employee safety is paramount no matter the other remodeling desires. Luckily, we at Miller Construction & Design have all the knowledge you need when considering employee safety measures. It forms a key part of our service to you: we make sure your design lines up perfectly with our expertise and any building code and safety requirements.

There are some important things to consider for an office remodel. Renovations and remodels aren’t finished overnight. Even though we may be spending some time with your team, we want to make sure that your office is as efficient as it can be during the remodeling process. We work with you to keep your business running however we can when remodeling.

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