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Termites are one of the biggest pest problems facing homes and buildings in Florida, which is why there are certain building codes in place to ensure that these structures are properly protected from these unruly pests. As of 2002, the Florida Building Code was updated to include one set of standards to be used by every county to ensure the protection of homes and businesses from termites. Since then, this building code has received many modifications which now require the combined efforts of construction and design companies, pest controllers and building inspectors to ensure that buildings and homes are less vulnerable to termite invasions.

The code also contains a range of building practices that have been uniquely designed to improve the termite protection measures applied by pest control companies. The code also ensures that building owners get the right information to ensure that they can protect their structures from termite invasions.

While the termite protection provisions can seem quite daunting to understand, here are some of the most important provisions to undertake.

  • Code section 1403.1.6 states that veneered walls require at least a 6-inch space between the grade and the sliding to allow for accurate termite inspection.
  • Code section 1503.4.4 states that discharge lines and gutter downspouts need to end at least one foot from the foundation to protect against decay and termite infestation.
  • Code section 1816.1 – 1816.2 states that foundations need to have some form of protection from termites. The code section also states that a vapor barrier needs to be installed and that concrete over pours must be removed.
  • Code section 2116 states that termite inspection cells in masonry blocks must not contain cellulosic debris. It also states that Concrete Bearing Ledge Brick Veneers need to be on an integral ledge or a soil treatment must be done.
  • In connection with wood construction, code section 23014 states that preservative or naturally decaying resistant wood be used in certain areas to protect against decay. The clearance between the wood sliding and the ground must be at least 6 inches. Sites that are using wood construction need to be grade to provide drainage and all cellulose debris must be removed from the foundation.
  • Code section 2603.3 states that there needs to be a 6-inch clearance between foam plastic insulation and the earth grade. Foam plastic insulation cannot be installed below the earth grade.

Now that you understand the basics of the Termite Protection Provisions, here are some frequently asked questions that give some more insight into the requirements of building code.

FAQ 1: What types of termite protection are required?

Termite protection needs to be provided by a registered termiticide, including bait systems, soil applied termiticides and pesticides used for direct application.

FAQ 2: Does the code require a soil pretreat for structures, which will not contain wood products?

Yes. The code requires that preventative treatment be done for any structure with a foundation. This is necessary because termite infestations can occur in any structure containing cellulose including metal buildings.

FAQ 3: Are products for termite protection required to be approved and if so, by whom?

Pesticides used for termite protection do not need to be approved as such; rather they need to be deemed legible and registered by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. A full list of registered pesticides can be found here.

FAQ 4: When soil treatment is used, when should the treatment be done?

In cases where soil treatment is used, it must be done after the soil has been compacted. Any soil that has been disturbed during the building process needs to be retreated.

FAQ 5: Does a Certificate of Protective Treatment for Prevention of Termites require posting of application?

Yes. No final approval will be granted if all the applications are not made. These include applications for vertical barriers.

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