Take Your Home Renovation To The Next Level With These Home Automation Ideas

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Home automation is just as it sounds – technology giving you the ability to automate various activities throughout your home, with the simple click of a button or voice command.

There are a variety of smart home devices, that give you the ability to control everything from security, entertainment, and lights. Not only does home automation aim to make your life easier, but it can also add significant value if you ever wanted to sell it.

If you’re looking at renovating your home, then it might be worth your while to look at these awesome home automation ideas to take your home renovation to the next level.

Lighting Automation

All lighting automation requires smart lighting, hardware, and proper installation. Depending on the type of fixture, the lights can be connected to a voice-controlled assistant, or mobile app, via smart switches, bulbs, or outlets.

  • Bedtime Lights

    When renovating your home, you can install light fixtures that support dimming and connect them to a smart hub that controls the dim switches with a time trigger. You can then set the trigger to automatically dim your lights at a certain time at night to get your home and children ready for bed.

  • Sunrise Lights

    In the same way that you can install light fixtures to automatically dim the lights at night when it’s time for bed, you can schedule the lights to get brighter gradually in the morning to wake you up. This way, you can avoid being woken up suddenly by a loud alarm and instead use the lights to wake you up gradually, imitating a sunrise.

  • Turning Off All Lights

    If your light fixtures in the home are installed to connect to a smart home hub, you can use a voice command to turn off all the lights in your home at once.

    This is particularly convenient for those of us who forget to turn lights off when we leave a room and can be especially frustrating if you’ve walked up the stairs for the night only to realize you’ve left the basement light on.

Security Automation

Home security is an important part of making sure your family and valuables are kept safe.

When designing your home, you can install a smart alarm system with motion sensors at all entryways that can link to an app on your mobile phone.

  • Alarm Automation

    If you have installed a smart alarm in your home, you can use a mobile app to automate your alarm to turn on at a certain time every night when you go to bed. You can also set up a trigger that detects your phone’s geo-location and automatically turns on the alarm when you leave.

    This is a whole new world of automation convenience and makes sure your home is secure, even when you forget.

  • Door Locking Automation

    Automatically lock your doors when you leave the house by installing smart locks in your doors.

    All of your door locks can be connected to your smart hub which connects to a geo-location on your mobile phone. You can then automatically set a particular distance to trigger the doors to lock, keeping your home safe and secure.

    • Lifestyle Automation

      These lifestyle home automation ideas can add convenience to your life while adding extra value to your home.

      • Bathroom Automation

        If you’re thinking about a bathroom remodel then it’s a good idea to understand what automation ideas you can install to make your life easier, while adding a sense of luxury to your home.

        One of the most important features of a bathroom is the fan which ventilates the room after a hot shower or bath. It can be easy to forget to switch the bathroom fan on and off so one of the best bathroom automation ideas is to install a smart ventilation fan that is connected to a humidity sensor that automatically turns on and off depending on the moisture levels.

      • Surround-Sound Speakers

        If you love being able to ask Alexa to play your favorite Taylor Swift song at the drop of a hat, then it won’t get much better than being able to stream music in every room of your home.

        Smart speakers can be controlled from anywhere, using your phone or voice command. These smart speakers can be expertly installed to fit seamlessly into your home or outdoor entertainment area, and can certainly take your home to the next level.

      Choosing The Right Home Automation Ideas For You

      Deciding to renovate your home can be overwhelming, so it is always a good idea to think about what home automation ideas you can add to make your life easier, while increasing the value of your home, making the whole process that much more worth it. At Miller Construction & Design, we specialize in custom luxury home design to make your dream home a reality.

      We work with you every step of the way to help you choose what home automation ideas would be right for you. Give one of our experts a call today at (561) 988-2637 to find out more.

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