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Your home is your haven, a place you can retire to after a long day out in the world. When planning your residential design build, you want to consider a few important elements such as location of the sun, stylistic options, and of course space availability. If you’ve got minimal room to play with, you want to make sure your design is as space-efficient as possible, while still getting the master suite that you’re after. You also want to make sure that you make the most out of your master suite and that your investment will serve you for years to come. Whether you’re upgrading your space or building from scratch, here are a few considerations that might help you get things going.

A Vision For Your Residential Design Build

You want to make the most of your space which will require a bit of practical design. You can still have yourself a luxurious master suite while considering the below highlights. When it comes to designing your new master suite, you should only be guided by your vision and your budget considerations. Renovation budget planning with your building company would be a good place to start so that you’re prepared from the get-go.

  • Storage: Your master suite doesn’t just need to include a bedroom and bathroom. Give your room a luxurious feel by including a walk-in closet, a dressing room, a reading corner (if that’s what you enjoy) or a computer desk. Built-in dressers can be useful as well as perhaps a charging station for electronics.
  • Inclusions: Creating a luxurious feel to the master suite is quite easily achieved by adding necessary elements in your bathroom. You can create a beautiful oasis style bathroom with a few simple inclusions. A large shower, big enough for two with a bench and an all glass finish will make your shower experience effortless. Costly but worth the price, radiant floor heating will certainly be enjoyed in winter, first thing in the morning. Double sink vanities, also referred to as his and her sinks will offer you and your partner your own space when getting ready. A walk-in closet will not only be functional but also convenient. Adding sufficient hanging space and shelving will help keep your items organized. Adding in a dressing chair will give it that final touch.
  • Creativity: This is your chance to go all out with your creativity and put your personal touches on elements such as upholstery, tiles, wallpaper and flooring. Consider lighting, colors and textures as this will play a big role in transforming the space. Whatever you choose, make sure to include your personal touch on the room.
  • Design: You’ll want to put functional needs ahead of your stylistic designs. This includes designing the room for a purpose such as including an area to sit and read your book by the window, a writing desk or including a television in a room that is viewable from anywhere in the room. This will affect how you divide up space within the room as well as the positioning of windows and walls, power outlets and lighting fixtures. For example, lighting fixtures will affect the location of your side tables and vanity area. Electrical outlets in the bathroom will need to be installed strategically for safety reasons, which means that your vanity area within the bathroom may be affected.

Location, Location, Location

  • Privacy: The height and location of windows and sliding doors will be impacted by your surroundings and neighbors, but also by the height of your room and bathroom. Consider how close you live to your neighbors and how close the street is to your location. If you’re capitalizing on the outdoor area directly attached to your master suite, then you’ll need to consider adding an extra wall or increasing the height of your current wall so that the design of your space is not overly affected due to privacy factors.
  • Accessibility: Creating a separate entrance to the rest of your house will require adding an extra door somewhere, so if this is possible with the space you have, why not consider it. This further gives you more privacy in relation to the rest of the house and if you have space, create a patio area where you can sit and have your morning coffee or a quiet moment to yourself. You can include a hot tub area or an outdoor shower to achieve a private, secluded, luxurious oasis.
  • Heating and Cooling: Investigate the way the sun hits the room at certain times of the day and the difference the seasons make. For summer and then the occasional cooler days, natural cooling and heating can change the entire feel of the room as well as contribute to lighting. You don’t want to wake up with the sun baking on you during summer but you also don’t want to block the sun out completely.
  • Lighting: Natural lighting largely contributes to the feel of the room, not to mention saves you some money on those electrical bills. Consider how the seasons affect your room and how to make the most of it. You might be interested in soft, gentle lighting or you’re after bright, warm lighting. Positioning of artificial lighting in the bathroom and around vanity areas is a no-brainer. You don’t want to struggle with day-to-day tasks when getting ready. At night, you will make use of your artificial lighting so make sure you have provided electrical points in the necessary areas.
  • Noise: Noise can come from outside the house but also inside the house. If you have a full house or busy teenagers, consider insulating your walls appropriately. You want to create yourself a sanctuary and make sure your peace is not interrupted by this oversight.

There is lots to consider when it comes to creating your master suite. You’ll want to add your personal touches to the space so when it comes to choosing the company you’re going to journey with, be sure to discuss these elements and how you can optimize the space. Custom design build companies are familiar with unusual and dramatic requests. You’re building for long-term so any decisions you make now should be timeless.

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