Quick Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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Keeping it quick and simple

The thought of remodeling your kitchen may bring on an instant migraine when you start thinking about the effort and time that will be consumed by this seemingly mammoth task. However, with the help of a professional contractor you can have the kitchen of your dreams, totally revamped and looking brand new without the hassle horror stories you may have heard. There are a few tricks to getting it done, but it all starts with hiring a licensed and insured contractor.

Getting a contractor

Hiring a contractor may seem like it will cost a lot of money, but in many ways, it will save you an immense load of hassle and a fair amount money. If you can find an affordable contractor such as Miller Construction & Design, you will be able to chat to them about ways to increase the speed of the job and decrease cost. But it will also mean that you get a professional finish without any extra work on your part. When choosing a plan with your contractor, there are some changes to your kitchen which you can use which will increase turnaround time.

Repair, Repaint, Reuse

Reusing your current cabinets, counter tops and sink may seem like just cost cutting techniques, but they will decrease the total remodel time, so two birds, one stone. Also, it may seem boring to keep the same stuff, often an ugly cabinet can be totally transformed with some repairs and a lick of paint. It simply requires you to do some research and get a good idea of what result you want. You can also look at trends, for example, nowadays, open shelving is quite popular. It also means you can reuse what you have got, saving time and money.

If you like the idea of reusing your current appliances, then also focus on how you can change the space by adding varying colors and textures. A stone backsplash with wooden countertops can make for an invigorating kitchen atmosphere. Or that old metal sink with some bright white tiles. A lot of the feeling you get from a room is defined by how it uses space and the overall color palette. So, for example you could go for an open plan kitchen with white walls and white furniture to make it feel bigger. Talk to your contractor about how they could revamp what you already have before they start replacing things.


If you want to do the remodel quickly and there are appliances or furniture that you don’t like, then the fastest way to get it done would be to replace everything. Especially anything that isn’t part of the walls or floor. But for many people looking to remodel, money is an issue. A good compromise would be to choose one big ticket item that you feel needs to be replaced and then work around that. This way you can have the satisfaction of getting new parts, but without breaking the bank.

All round, if you want to do the remodel quickly it is best for you to seek the help of a knowledgeable contractor who will be able to guide you through the process.

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