Pre-Construction Tips From Our Custom Home Builders

Custom Home Builders

Building your dream home from the ground up is an exciting process for everyone involved. Often the future homeowners are so excited to see their dream come true, that they often rush straight into construction before they are ready. Our custom home builders have been kind enough to share some tips and secrets they have learnt from their years of experience.

What To Do Before Finding A Builder

While finding a builder is an important task, the first thing you want to do is meet with your architect and design your home construction floor plan. Now this may seem obvious, but if you are just taking a mapped outline of the property to work on, your architect may not be able to use the property to its best capabilities. Meeting your architect in site allows your architect to better scout out the location. Make use of natural views, and place driveways so that they are not obstructed by street lights or any other municipal fittings. In residential areas, the architect gets to see the surrounding houses and design the house so that unideal situations are avoided. You wouldn’t want your bedroom window to be placed right next to your neighbors noisy HVAC unit.

Any design changes you would like made need to be decided upon before your builder breaks ground. As once construction begins, it becomes increasingly difficult and expensive to make changes which can lead to material waste.

Finding A Builder

It is always a good idea to research any builder you are interested in, and arrange an interview. Florida does require contractors to have a license, and while you’re at it, look for a builder that has the appropriate insurance, as accidents can happen on site, and an injury occurring on site can lead to unnecessary and unforeseen expenses. Checking licenses and insurance has never been easier as there are multiple online resources you can now make use of such as, CBIA.

Why You Should Consult A Builder Before Construction Begins

Builders can take on a lot of work before construction begins. They can meet your architect and supply them information on where the sewerage, water and electrical points are on the property. They also can address immediate concerns within the architects plans, such as suggesting where walls may need to be thicker to fit pipes, electrical fittings or ducts, and discuss designs to make sure your vision is completed within budget.

Once the plans are finalized, a builder can begin surveying your site, by beginning to check the ground for any abnormalities. Underground streams, swamplands, and large buried debris (like large rocks) need to be investigated, as these may affect the stability of the property, and require changes to the way the foundation is laid.

Your builder will also go ahead and make sure that all plans are up to code, and that all the necessary codes are followed during construction. Once you’ve decided what materials you would like to use, your builder can supply you with a rough estimate of the costs, so you can better plan your budget and make the appropriate changes so you can stay within your budget. We highly recommend creating a budget and sticking to it, as one of the most heartbreaking feelings is having your dream home foreclosed on.

Should you decide on being your own contractor, you may forget or not be aware of some of the issues and codes which must be addressed. Finding professionals to install gas lines, electrical lines and to complete HVAC installations adds to the overall time frame, and more often than not can lead to miscommunication between different installers and cause completed work to have to be redone, and further increase your cost.

Should you be looking into a full custom build, an extension or renovation, or you just want more advice on the construction process, we at Miller Construction and Design have a team of skilled employees who will be more than happy to help you.

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