Live Like A Star: Luxurious Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If your heart’s desire is for a luxurious home, you should start with your bathroom–the room most used for unwinding. And if true luxury is your end game, you have some really exciting ideas to play with for your bathroom remodel.

Ways That Luxury Can Be Introduced To Your Bathroom:

  1. Technological bathroom features
  2. Structural and plumbing changes
  3. Green-modeling your water and powder room

Let’s have a look at some really fun ideas to explore!

Luxurious Bathroom Remodel Ideas

1. Technologically Luxurious Bathroom Ideas

You may have a phobia of electronics in the bathroom, but technology specific for bathrooms has been dramatically developed over the past decade or so.

  • Smart Glass for Serenity

    Where frosted glass in bathrooms is not a new idea, tinted shower doors may be. This could be taken to a new level in the near future by adding a Smart window tint to glass in your bathroom. This could be used to create serene scenes on the windows or shower doors.

  • Sensor Your Bathroom Needs

    Sensor toilet flushing mechanisms are becoming more popular for homes as opposed to just retail and commercial spaces. Some of these go so far as to be self-cleaning. That is a true luxury!

    Sensor taps at the wash-up station is also a great way to keep all features of your bathroom clean and promote hygiene. The next one takes the prize – intelligent showers that have your preferences preloaded! From timers to temperature profiles for each member of the family, this is luxury at its best yet.

  • Keeping it Cool

    There’s a lot of fuss about heated towel rails and floors, which does not really suit us here in sunny South Florida. We are more inclined to suggest adding cooling elements to your bathroom. Fitting air-conditioning or better ventilation systems to ensure the heat and moisture dry out more quickly – and so that you don’t instantly need another cold shower after the one you just took on the hottest of days – is a great idea.

    A cooling gel has been added to all kinds of things like pillow and mats – so floor mats and towel rails could be compensated with this kind of technology as well.

  • Sound Dimension

    Sound systems and devices safe for showers have been around for a while. How about using the sound, or fitting sound, in your bathroom to play music, hear that audiobook, catch up on podcasts, or have Google answer all your study type questions while you relax in the bath or take a shower. Life is busy, and it would be adding the luxury of time to your day with this luxurious feature.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

2. Reshape the Room by Breaking the Rules

Structural changes are the most difficult to achieve. But we are talking about bringing luxury to life so this is a no-holds-barred kind of list.

  • Inside Out

    There is nothing quite as exotically relaxing as having a bathroom remind of being outside. Light and airy, with carefully selected plants, will have you feeling like you’ve been on holiday. Safaris do the trick by having outdoor showers, which would be a very cool extreme way of turning your bathroom into a themed room, but here are some other ways of doing this:

    • A sunken bath next to a huge opening window, or below a skylight.

      This is reminiscent of old roman bathing rooms with pillars and solid textures.

    • A clear bath or a bath in soothing ocean shades.

      This ought to create the experience of cooling off in a perfect temperature pool.

    • Ropes instead of rails for all towels.

      Hanging or slinging these would add to the outdoorsy feel of vines and trees.

    • Built-in plant holders running along walls.

      This could clean your air and even be used to create a water feature.

    • Look to the sky.​​​​​​

      Skylights are one option, but so are unique ceilings.

    • A door to the outside.

      If you can’t have a glass wall for a window, then a door would let in more air and serve guests nicely.

    Keep in mind that an outdoor effect can be achieved with an array of textures to have a forest feel or a “beachy” feel.

  • Room Service

    Another way of changing the bathroom structurally is by redesigning the room altogether. Moving its location or adding or removing walls will require serious plumbing and electrical work, but it will create more freedom to play with these ideas:

    • Tables and surfaces around the bath are trending.

      If it is going to be a place to spend some time reconnecting, it may as well offer some free surface space for whatever you bring in with you – wine glass, a good book, etc.

    • Separating the less obvious.

      His and hers vanity areas do not need to be positioned together. The basin does not need to be next to the toilet. The shower doesn’t need to be in a corner.

    • Build on or build up.

      Use an attic type space could provide a view, and having double volume ceilings will give room to create a theme or a special look.

    • Removing walls in favor of light fabrics.

      This can really open a space and it suits the hot, Florida climate.

    • Minimalist or hidden storage.

      Making the most of the space you have is not just for small homes anymore. Large homes benefit from decluttering and using seamless simple styles as well.

    These sorts of structural tricks really lend themselves to the current trend of making a bathroom look unexpected in style. Creating the feel of an old solid study space or a light airy loft room, or even creating the feel of a cottage living room brings a modern touch of elegance.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

3. Going Green is The Best New Indulgence

With so much focus on being green in our homes and lives, any eco-friendly elements you bring into your bathroom will be bragging points. This is the new Jones’ move. Many of the green moves below can be worked in to fit with the ideas mentioned above.

  • Technology

    Any techy features that help you save water and energy by sensing rather than having you manually flush, heat, wash, are the finer things in life worth investing in. There are many ways to have your greywater processed for use straight from your drains.

  • Plants

    Plants purify the air we breathe, which may reduce your energy bills by ventilating your air for you. Plants can also be used in ecosystems that clean your greywater.

  • Repurposing

    Repurposed furniture brings a desirable change. It adds a touch of style and uniqueness to your bathroom. It is also greener than buying all new stuff. When you are thinking about adding that surface to your bathing area or adding vanities, look first at second hand.

At Miller Construction & Design, we are fully on board and excited when it comes to implementing new ideas. We feel that true luxury is when spaces are redefined by boundary-pushing changes. Give us a call and let’s have a conversation about your favorite ideas. When it comes to bathroom remodeling and all the complications that come with them, we are also equipped to manage the process from start to finish.

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