Kitchen Remodel: Everything About The Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen sink is always the first place in your kitchen that will age and start to look worn – it’s no wonder considering how much of a beating it takes! Whether you are looking at a full kitchen remodel or just to replace your sink, here are some professional tips on how you should be choosing the type of sink you get.

The Different Types Of Kitchen Sinks Available

The best way to choose the right kitchen sink for you is to look at what space you have available and your personal preference of style. You can base these choices on the 3 main types of sinks available.

  • Under Mounted Kitchen Sink

    The under counter mounted sink is installed under a counter top so it is dropped in before the counters are put on. The main advantage with this sink is the clean continuous counter top eliminating unsightly sinks lips breaking the aesthetics. The under counter sink is also compatible with all solid surface countertops like marble, granite, or concrete. When thinking about installing an under counter sink take into account that you will need extra support underneath it. Unfortunately, due to the strength requirements other materials such as laminate or tile, counters don’t always have the strength to support the weight requirements for this sink. You can also get them in various styles such as a farm style sink. The materials also vary from porcelain to acrylic and stainless steel.

  • Top Mount or Drop in Sinks

    These sinks are a lot easier for installation purposes as they are dropped in once the counter has been fitted and a hole cut for it. The only downside for these sinks is they only come in stainless steel as they need to be thin and lightweight for the counter to support them. Cleaning the surfaces might be a bit tricky with this type as the lip will always collect debris and dirt from wiping up.

Kitchen Sink Materials That Will Be Best For Your Needs?

Whether you are looking for a long lasting and durable sink or a fashionable and artistic sink to match your needs there are plenty of kitchen sink materials to choose from. The most common material is stainless steel. A very durable and lightweight that sink can last for a long time and can be very affordable. The only downside is that it might not fit in the style of kitchen you have picked.

If you are looking for a more fashionable and stylish sink you can choose the porcelain or acrylic type. These models are costlier but are definitely stylish and come in varied styles to suit your look. The downside is that these materials are often more susceptible to staining or cracking.

If you are into a retro look then you definitely have a choice from a range of antique copper sinks that are durable and stylish at the same time but these come at a cost.

Size and Plumbing Requirements

Are you looking for a single sink or a double? Do you have the correct plumbing to handle the kitchen sink you are wanting? These are some of the questions that professional building companies can answer for you.

If you are looking for a double sink you need to make sure that the space available underneath is sufficient as sometimes you might not realize how much space is needed for double sinks. You also need to consider if you really need a double sink or if you will be able to handle living with a single sink.

If you currently have the plumbing for a certain type of sink and you would like to upgrade you will need to get a professional in to do the plumbing work as it might not be straight forward.

So, whether you are looking at a simple replacement for the kitchen sink or going the whole 9 yards and doing a total kitchen remodel you will need the help of professionals to help you understand what you can upgrade to. Give us a call to help you with all your remodeling needs… including the kitchen sink!

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