Interior Renovations That Increase Your Home’s Value

interior renovations

Whether you are planning to sell your home or simply spruce it up a bit, there are some changes you can make that will increase the resale value of your home without breaking the bank.

There are a lot of minor interior renovations that can increase home value. With a bit of creativity and advice from a building contractor specializing in renovations, you can achieve a lot on a relatively small budget.

Renovating The Kitchen

In most homes, the kitchen is the heart of the home so it must be practical, but also warm and inviting. It is where families gather together before rushing off in the morning, or where they reconnect while preparing dinner in the evening.

The kitchen can also one of the most expensive rooms in the home to revamp, but you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars installing a state-of-the-art kitchen, when a few, simple and inexpensive changes can give your kitchen a whole new look.

  • Paint the cabinets in a fresh, modern color and replace old tarnished handles. A fresh coat of paint on the walls is also an inexpensive renovation that has a dramatic effect.
  • Replace old or broken faucets with the modern, water-saving ones.
  • Upgrade the lighting by replacing old or broken fixtures or by adding lighting in dark spots. Good lighting creates the right mood and is also very necessary in the kitchen from a safety point of view.
  • Replace old or damaged countertops. These tops can vary according to your budget, but new countertops immediately add value to the kitchen.
  • Install trash or recycling chutes.
  • Change the plug fittings or plug covers to match your décor. Get advice on the latest in electrical kitchen fittings like USB ports, or plugs that sink under the counter when not in use, and upgrade where possible.
  • Utilize dead spaces and create extra storage space or install a wine rack.
  • A built-in table and/or bench makes the kitchen family-friendly and also provides extra workspace.
  • Baseboards can be made into drawers that also create storage space.
  • Replace old appliances with new, energy-efficient appliances. Energy-efficient appliances are a very good selling point for prospective buyers.
  • Replace old vinyl flooring. If you have wooden floors, have them sanded and resealed.

Renovating The Bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom can also be very expensive to renovate, but with a few changes, the bathroom can look brand new.

  • Clean the wall and ceiling and remove any signs of mold and mildew. Once you treat the cause of the mold and mildew, apply a fresh coat of paint.
  • Recaulk the tiles. Removing old chipped calk and replacing it, makes a dramatic difference.
  • Replace any old or damaged mirrors.
  • Repaint or replace the bathroom cabinets. Sometimes just repainting them and changing the handles makes them look brand new.
  • Replace old fixtures with low flow toilets, sinks, and showerheads. Install water-saving faucets.
  • Remove old carpets (if you have carpeting in your bathroom) and replace them with the flooring of your choice. Many homeowners choose to tile the bathroom floor as it is far more hygienic and easier to keep clean.

Renovating Bedrooms

Even the smallest bedroom can be renovated to be practical but have a cozy and relaxed feel.

  • Replace old carpets with flooring of your choice. Sanding and resealing existing wooden floors can make them look brand new.
  • Paint the walls with a fresh modern color. A small room can appear larger by painting the walls and ceiling a light color and installing shelves high up.
  • Replace old light fixtures with modern, energy-saving ones.
  • Replace old cupboards or repaint them and change the handles.
  • For extra storage have drawers made that can slide out from under the bed.
  • If the room is really small, build in a bunk bed and create desk space underneath.

Renovating The Laundry Room

The laundry is often the last area you think of renovating, but a few minor changes can make the laundry very practical while adding value to your home. Some of these changes include:

  • Installing a pull-down drying rack that can be out of sight when not in use.
  • Building a small island can serve the triple purpose of a permanent ironing board with storage space underneath and a convenient place to fold laundry.
  • If you have space and your budget allows for it, install a jet sink for washing delicate items.
  • Shelves, cupboards, and drawers always add value and allow you to hide any clutter.

Interior Renovations That Always Add Value

You can spend a lot of money doing renovations without adding any value to your home, or you can plan carefully and make value-adding improvements at a minimal cost. Some areas you can consider for interior renovations are:

  • Updating any old wiring and light fixtures and adding lighting to poorly lit areas.
  • Painting gives any room an instant lift and fresh, new feel.
  • A room with natural light always appears larger than it is, so enlarging a window could make a small and dark area appealing. Installing accordion doors also physically enlarges rooms allowing more light to enter.
  • Remove and replace old carpets or vinyl (or tile the area) and repair damaged wooden floors.
  • Renovate the attic or basement and transform them into a bedroom, living area, or games room.
  • Utilize the space under the stairs. It can be transformed into storage space, a reading nook, a home office, or even a doghouse. The possibilities are endless.
  • Doors can be repainted, or modern casings can transform them altogether.

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