Ideas for a Home Renovation this Summer.

home renovation

Why to renovate this summer?

Home renovation is always a great feeling. You are rebuilding your home to suit your needs better and make it a more pleasant living space, but it does come with its hassles. It can be quite expensive and often means giving up your personal space for a bit. But during the summer holidays you can alleviate this issue by going on holiday while the work is done. This means it will be less likely to affect your home and working life.

The Deck and BBQ area

Never mind if you are a new couple who has just moved into your first house or family with teenage kids, everyone needs a place where they can spend the summer relaxing with friends and having a great time. A beautiful deck and BBQ area is what you want. You could build a large wooden deck and place some comfortable benches and couches out there. Set up a grill and you can have a perfect sundowner every day. Also since the days can get quite sweltering during the summer, the deck can be built while it’s too hot to fully appreciate and then will be ready for when the weather becomes more pleasant moving into fall.

It is also a relatively cheap, quick and non-intrusive renovation. There isn’t any large construction needed, so you it won’t take long and the materials are cheap and are easy to get hold of. The constructors won’t be knocking down any walls, so you won’t be exposed to the elements. Therefore, it will be done soon and you will have the rest of summer to relax and enjoy it.

Accommodating the family

As your family grows, so must the house you live in, this could mean adding a nursery or renovating a grown child’s bedroom once they have left. Home renovations such as these can be a massive inconvenience, because there will be construction material taking up space, dust and you will have one less room to use. Therefore, it would be better to do such constructions in the summer so that you are not holed up in the house, while all of this is happening. Instead you could be outside enjoying yourself away from the mess.


If you are living in an older house, the windows and doors may need to be replaced or repaired. Often the door or the frame will have rotten or you feel that you need a newer version to fit in the vision you have for your house. This means that you will have a gaping hole in the wall for a few days. You don’t want to have to deal with wind blowing into house or rain coming through and damaging your furniture.  Do it in the summer and you will have a much more pleasant experience.

All in all, doing some home renovations this summer will breathe a breath of fresh air into your home and allow you to appreciate it even more. All you need to do now is start planning – for help with all your home renovations contact Miller Construction & Designs.

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