How To Accent And Remodel Your Home To Up It A Level

Remodel Your Home

Your home should be your castle, your place of refuge and relaxation, but is it? If you only see its faults, cracks, or lack of space, it’s time for a revamp. “I’m on a tight budget” should not stand in the way of remodeling and adding accents to your home that will take it to the next level. Here are some ways we can do that while customizing it to your budget.

Ideas For Revamping Various Areas In Your Home

There are so many nooks and crannies that are wasted space and sometimes even an eyesore. Here are some ideas that can change the whole atmosphere and practicality of areas both big and small, in your home.

  • The Stairs – The area under the stairs is dead, unused space. Use your imagination and get advice on how to get the area transformed into a home office, book nook, or a pet haven. Add shelves to make it a book shelf or doors to make it a useful storage area. The dead space above the staircase can be transformed into a play area or small reading room by simply adding a floor.

  • The Kitchen – The revamping possibilities when it comes to this room are endless. You can build a bench around the island providing seating space for when you eat or simply socialize in the heart of your home. Install chutes for trash or recycling, Pull out cabinets provide extra work space when needed and keep clutter out of sight. Base board drawers can be installed to provide extra storage space and any dead space in the room can be converted into an attractive wine rack.

  • The Bathroom – Simply freshening the calk and grout and giving it a fresh coat of paint can transform the whole area. If the budget allows, consider changing the counter tops and cabinets, installing low flow toilets, sink, and shower heads, renovate the shower making it a walk-in shower (no door = no glass to clean).

  • The Laundry Room – this room is purely functional and often avoided when it comes to renovations. You can transform this ordinary room into a showpiece by adding a jet sink for washing delicate items, an island that can be used for both storage and a permanent ironing board, a pull down drying rack, vertical slide organizer for storage of cleaning materials or add shelves and cupboards that will assist in keeping it tidy and free of clutter.

  • The Bedrooms – bedrooms vary in size and shape, but even the tiniest room needs to be practical with a relaxed feel. For small bedrooms, consider having built in bunk beds with desk space underneath. Create storage space under the beds that slide in and out for easy access, redo your cupboards or have new cupboards and shelves built, and for the really adventurous, why not install a sunroof for stargazing when lying in bed?

General areas

  • Installing accordion windows and doors or simply enlarging the windows, make the area seem larger, allowing more light to enter and bring the outdoors in

  • New lighting fixtures and a coat of fresh paint can totally transform a room

  • Accent walls like wood paneling can create a cozy environment

  • With a few adjustments that adhere to the Florida Building code, you can add another living space, storage area, or even bedroom with an attic conversion

  • Custom made closets for those “dead space” areas can provide extra storage space and if attractively made, actually become a feature in the room

  • Turn a dividing wall into a dinette or remove a non-bearing wall entirely and expand the living room.

  • In small rooms, paint the ceiling white and put attractive shelves high up. This automatically lifts the eye up and makes the room appear larger than it is.

  • Hide unsightly gaps in the ceiling or where the wall and ceiling meet, with attractive crown molding. This also makes the ceiling appear higher than it actually is and opens up the space.

  • Replace your doors with new modern ones or simply put attractive, eye catching, customized, door castings around your existing doors.

  • Accent columns no longer have to be pristine white, but can now be customized to your personal taste and style. They can be used at the front or back entrance, in corners or hallways, as room dividers, or to blend with the wall giving it an artistic feel. You can even place half columns on your kitchen counter or patio.

Do not attempt to DIY projects around your home. Unless you are an expert, your efforts may end up looking tacky, cost you much more than you budgeted for, and could potentially even be dangerous. Are you looking for a full service construction company that listens to their clients, works according to their budget, and takes on any size project large or small? At Miller Construction & Design we specialize in:

  • Additions
  • Room configurations
  • Kitchen cabinetry
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Custom closets
  • Crown molding
  • Dry wall texturing
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Staircasing
  • and so much more

Contact us and allow us, with our expertise and your input, to transform your average house, into a practical and beautiful, masterpiece, you can call home.

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