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Are you looking for home renovation help, but you’re just not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place. The multi-disciplined team at Miller Construction & Design has the insight to take your home improvement project to the next level, with innovation and quality at the forefront of our trade. Home renovations should be an exciting time for you and your family, minimizing stress levels as far as possible. We’re here to help.

Get Going With Your Home Renovation Plans

When starting out with your plans for home renovation, you should begin with setting a budget. This will require a bit of research and guidance as it can be difficult to know where to look and where to begin. Labor costs and materials will take up the most of your budget and we want to help you achieve your dream renovation within a budget that you are comfortable with.

Throughout the renovation, it can be difficult to stick to your budget as you see your project coming together, but Miller Construction & Design can help you with that. We suggest underestimating as opposed to overestimating so that you have some room for any last-minute additions you decide on. Work with a contractor to go over your budget to ensure that you are well within your boundaries and that your plans are realistic.

Part of establishing your budget requires identifying the key areas for renovation. Understanding the cost value of changes and what it will take to fix them up the way you want them to be is important. You’ll need to decide between essential areas that need renovation and areas that can wait. This will also involve knowing the condition of your home: the electrical wiring, roofing, plumbing system, lighting, water supply, etc. If you don’t need to change something completely, save that space in your budget for something more important than you’d like. The opposite applies: do the renovations you’re interested in require an additional water supply or changes to your electrical supply?

If you only have a vague idea of what you’re wanting to do and aren’t comfortable to begin the process without professional input, get yourself a team that is experienced, professional and have testimonials to back up their word. With the right team, your project can go ahead stress-free, and successfully.

Interior Renovations

Planning your home renovation with keen detail can add value to your home. Interior renovations can improve your family’s way of living and they don’t always need to be excessive, depending on your budget.

  • Renovating a kitchen tends to be one of the most expensive rooms to makeover in a home. In saying this, there are ways to go about giving your kitchen a new feel without installing expensive appliances and the like. Beginning with small changes like upgrading the light and replacing old fixtures with a more modern look can change the ambiance completely. Lighting up dark spots and providing good lighting can give your kitchen a new feel. Replacing your countertops with new materials add immediate value to your kitchen and will allow you to enjoy spending time there. A good paint job on walls and cabinets is another inexpensive way to upgrade your kitchen. If your budget allows you to install new cabinets, you can go for a different style and color, and design them to suit your needs. Replacing old flooring or having your floors redone can add years of value to your home. If you do have the budget for new appliances, consider installing energy-efficient options which are by default more modern, but also save you in utility bills further down the line.

  • Renovating the bathroom can transform your daily experience as well as that for your guests. A fresh coat of paint and a good ceiling clean will brighten up the room. By replacing faucets, mirrors, cabinets, tiles, and flooring you can bring new life into your bathroom. If you aren’t set on replacing cabinets altogether, a good paint job and new handles will do the trick.

  • Renovating bedrooms is another fun task for a homeowner. Replacing carpeted flooring with wooden flooring or tiles will transform the room in a major way. If your home has smaller sized bedrooms that you’d like to utilize more effectively there are ways to create extra storage while adding a modern paint color to the walls can make the room appear larger. Old light fixtures, old cupboards, and door handles can be replaced too.

Exterior Renovations

Exterior renovations do not need to be costly either, depending on your budget. There are a few simple revamps that can be done to give your home the curb appeal you’re looking for.

  • A good exterior clean and paint will brighten up the exterior of your home.

  • Adding greenery such as plants, trees, and shrubbery is a nice way to decorate your home.

  • Upgrading your roof improves aesthetics dramatically. There are many options for materials on the market which gives you the freedom to transform the look of your home. Upgrading your is not only a good idea for visual effect. If your roof has aged and needs attention, the upgrade can improve your home’s insulation and overall integrity.

  • If you have space in your back-garden area for some additions, why not consider adding a deck area. You’ll be able to sit outside in your garden and enjoy the space and you’ll improve the age of your home easily.

  • Replacing the windows of your home will easily improve the exterior and general aesthetic. This gives you a good chance to replace any weak spots and ensure that your windows are well-fixed for changing weather conditions.

Home Renovation Help With Miller Construction & Design

At Miller Construction & Design, we’ve positioned ourselves to be one of the most reliable home improvement contracting companies. We offer premier custom home builders and have extensive experience in residential construction projects. This includes renovations, additions, and alterations. We can assist you with interior remodeling and restoration and exterior renovations and design. Whether your needs are small-scale or larger scale, we want to make your vision a reality. Because we want to be fully onboard with all your needs, we offer consulting solutions that allow us to provide you with the best output. We want you to feel certain of your investment and give you the options you need to make an informed decision.

There are a lot of elements to consider when doing a home renovation, which is the exciting part. Your options are vast and with the right team behind you, you can take your home renovation in a direction that suits your needs and one that you are comfortable. Call Miller Construction & Design at (561) 988-2637 today for a consultation.

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