Home Remodeling Room By Room Or All At Once?

Home Remodeling

There are several different reasons for home remodeling. For some it could be that their home has an awkward layout, is outdated or is too small for their current life stage, while others could be concerned with increasing the value of the house. Remodeling makes it easy for people who want to update their home, without moving houses or neighborhoods. Once a family decides to remodel, the next question to answer is whether to remodel the whole house at once or do it room by room. Whatever your decision, Miller Construction & Design have a diverse, skilled and licensed team that could help to make the headache of remodeling, as stress free as possible.

Whole Home Renovations

The term whole home renovation is used when a person is renovating more than 50% of their home at one time. Although whole home renovations are recommended, both pros and cons need to be considered before deciding.


  1. Whole home renovations allow for cohesive design. This allows you to achieve a consistent design and look throughout the home, allowing it to flow from one room to the next.
  2. Whole home renovations are more convenient. Their initial energy and monetary expenditure are high, but the frustration of starting and stopping is eliminated. In the long run they are the cheaper option.
  3. All materials needed for the home can be ordered at once, eliminating the risk of not being able to find the same materials at a later stage.


  1. Owners will more than likely need to move out of their home while it is being renovated.
  2. The initial start-up cost is usually high.

Room By Room Remodeling

Room by room remodeling tends to be more appealing to families who are on a tight budget or who cannot move out of their home during the remodeling period. Families who opt for room by room remodeling are recommended to plan the other phases of the remodeling to accommodate common finishes throughout the entire home.


  1. There is no need for the home owners to move out of their home during the remodeling period.
  2. The family can judge by the room whether they are happy with the interior designer’s work, enough to let them continue with the rest of the house.
  3. Renovating can be stressful and tiring. Room by room remodeling allows for the family to catch their breath and recuperate in-between upgrades.


  1. It ends up being more expensive in the long run. There are start-up and clean-up costs every time a remodeling begins and ends. With room by room upgrades, this is deducted with each room.
  2. Materials in the home may not match, as orders will done at intervals or varying time.
  3. Constant remodeling can become an annoyance to the neighbors.

Steps Taken To Remodel

Even though whole home renovation and room by room remodeling are two different options, their steps to making it happen follow a similar pattern. Everything that you want to modify should be well thought-out, researched and discussed.

  • Decide how much of the home or how many rooms you want to upgrade.
  • Have a vision- choose 5-10 must-haves in the new home.
  • Decide on the style and design you would like your new home to have.
  • Budget- decide how much you are prepared to spend.
  • Hire a contractor.

The choice of whether to renovate your whole home all at once, or to remodel room by room, comes second to the decision to better your home. Home remodeling should be an exciting time for a family but has the potential to be stressful and a massive headache instead. Miller Construction & Design can eliminate the possibility of the headache by providing professional service that carters to your needs as a family.

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