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Whether you are a recent empty nester or just ready to utilize your storage room, you can easily convert an extra bedroom into an incredible multipurpose room with a fresh home design build. Like with any design project, it is essential to consider which options are best suited to your needs. Guest bedrooms are always fantastic to have when it comes to accommodating for company, but they often go under or even unused for most of the year. This has resulted in the increasing popularity of people converting these rooms into libraries, offices, media rooms, or craft studios.

One of the central aspects you must keep in mind while transforming your guest bedroom into a room that will serve you throughout the year is making the limited space you have work for you. This limit is especially true when it comes to bedding options. While a lush king-sized bed works well in a master bedroom, it is hard to design a multipurpose room around a bed that takes up a majority of the space. Keep these build guidelines in mind to make your home design work for you.

What to Consider

While taking on the design build of revamping an extra bedroom is highly customizable, there are a few aspects you should consider before you begin.

  • Space

    Before designing your multipurpose dream room, you must be aware of your space limitations. Small rooms won’t be able to fit an 86” television and overstuffed recliners for your dream home theater, but with proper attention, your bonus room can become a comfortable movie lounge.

  • Time

    If you are expecting guests next month, chances are your conversion from an extra bedroom into your multipurpose home design won’t be complete. Depending on how extensive your overhaul is, the redesign could take several months.

  • Design

    You will be getting the most use out of your new multipurpose room build, but keep in mind that the room should still serve as a comfortable guest room. Make sure to account for necessities such as proper outlet access and clothing storage.

Getting Creative with Sleeping Space

After considering some design build basics, you can start the fun part by planning a multipurpose room to fit your needs and desires. Here are a few examples of how to make the most with modified sleeping accommodation options.

  • Murphy Beds

    Beds coming out of walls and cabinets may remind you of days gone by, but they are a great option to consider due to their versatility. Many options now come with attached desks or slide away bookcases to allow your guest bedroom to perfectly double as an office or library with little effort.

  • Fold Out Couches

    The idea of a fold out may also feel a little dated, but they have proven throughout the years to remain popular for accommodating to limited space. Not only do they provide your guests with a sitting option during the day and a place to sleep at night, but they are also perfect for media rooms when you don’t have company. Be sure to load up on decorative pillows to make the room cute and comfortable for both you and your guests.

  • Daybeds

    With minimal space, you have to make sure your guest bed serves double duty. Daybeds are a great option for cozy libraries and media rooms as you can curl up with a good book or movie while also providing a good night’s rest for your guests.

Having a guest bedroom is incredible, but what is the point of letting it sit unused aside from the occasional dusting? Even with space limitations, it does not mean that it should restrict you from achieving your home design building dreams. By properly utilizing the amount of space taken up by your guest bed, you can make a nearly forgotten room into a double duty room of your own.

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