Home Construction: Creating Floor Plans

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Planning the actual construction of your dream home is just as important as building it. Creating a floor plan is the first step towards your home construction project.

What Is A Floor Plan?

When it comes to custom home construction, one of the first things that you will need help with is creating your floor plan. A less technical floor plan is called a presentation floor plan which doesn’t go into the details of width, dimensions, sizes and annotations. Once everyone is happy with the presentation floor plan, then it is best to create the actual floor plan. A floor plan is a drawing which shows, with a view from above, what the house will look like and how the rooms will be divided. Keep in mind that it is an imaginary drawing, so it can be changed if something doesn’t work, or you don’t like something. A floor plan makes the architecture and construction of your home so much easier, so make sure you don’t tackle it on your own: get a professional draftsperson to do your floor plan for you – Miller Construction & Design is a great company for this, and for the overall home alterations and additions that you may need.

The floor plan can be drawn with a pencil, or it can be computer generated so it can become quite technical.
Typically, it will show the anticipated length and size of walls, doors and windows, and will also include some furniture that will be in the room.

Creating Floor Plans: Things To Consider

There are quite a few things to consider while the floor plan is being drafted, such as the size of the home, if you anticipate that your family will grow, built-in furniture like closets, microwaves, ovens and washing machines, amongst other things. If you’re big on privacy, do not make rooms too close to one another as noise may filter – however if these will be the kids’ rooms, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. If you do plan on extending your home in the future or see a strong possibility of that happening, you may want to talk to your draftsperson about this. Walls which support adjacent walls or provide support to the ceiling should be built with care and kept to a minimum as far as possible, as these are quite a mission to remove when you’re adding on to your home.

Another important factor is your choice of appliances or furniture, when you’re constructing the floor plan of your home. If you will be having home appliances that will need to be built into the walls, such as an oven for example, consider if you may need to remove that wall in the future if you wish to extend your home or open up your kitchen. If this is the case you will incur extra expenses as you will need to re-install that oven in the event that you remove the wall later on. The same goes for built-in closets and fireplaces – if the wall should go, the attached furniture, apparatus or appliance will have to go with it. Look out for doors that may end up opening awkwardly as well – such as a door which may bang against a wall or another door. Leave enough space for doors, corners and windows as things may seem good on paper but may not be too practical when the actual building begins.

As you can see, residential design build and floor planning isn’t merely a two dimensional drawing that you can put on paper and hope for the best, or which you can just delegate to your draftsperson without taking important future planning into consideration. You will need professional help with not only the drafting of your floor plan, but also with every part of the construction and building of your home. A home building company like Miller Construction & Design will provide great help from start to finish.

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