Get Inspired With These Beautiful Bathroom Remodel Ideas

bathroom remodel

With all the time you’ve been spending at home lately, perhaps you’ve been thinking about doing some home remodel projects. If you’re tired of the same old patterns that have remained more or less unchanged since you moved in, this year may be the perfect time to make some design changes.

Bathrooms in particular are a place that most guests will see at least once when they visit (once it’s safe to have visitors again, that is). Bathroom remodels can take all kinds of forms, from focusing strictly on décor to bigger changes like a different tub or shower installments. If you’re someone who enjoys long, luxurious bubble baths – especially during this unprecedented, stressful time – a bathroom remodel may be a good idea to liven things up.

Here are a few modern bathroom remodeling trends from an experienced home designer:

Try Unique Bathroom Tiles

bathroom remodel

Bathroom tiles are a relatively simple way to make a statement on your bathroom floor, shower, or wall. You can choose from all sorts of colors, patterns, shapes, and textures – maybe even venture outside the box a bit by experimenting with different patterns and shapes while keeping to a neutral color pattern.

Upgrade Your Shower

bathroom shower remodel

There are a few creative ways to update your shower without making too many drastic changes, which makes this solution ideal for renters. Switching out your showerhead, for example, can give you rainfall technology that can mentally transport you to a tropical island as you unwind after a long day. Some showerheads have several different settings and are typically less than $100.

If you’d rather do a more elaborate makeover, consider retiling the walls or shower floor, taking suggestions from the previous tip. If you’re already gutting your existing shower, consider turning it into a steam room. There are many mental and physical benefits to steam rooms, such as improved respiratory health, relaxed muscles, and stress relief.

Invest In A Framed Bathroom Mirror

bathroom remodel mirror

Mirrors have more purposes than simply reflecting how you look. The right size and style of mirror can make your bathroom space look bigger and add a simple touch of design. Even better, if you have lots of natural light in your bathroom, the right mirror is an easy way to intensify that light.

Amplify Your Textures

bathroom remodel textures

Want to add more life to a small bathroom? Take your flat, dull-colored space and transform it with waterproof or water-resistant materials and surfaces such as glass, wood, marble, or stone. For vanities or shelving units, light-colored wood offers a natural warmth. What makes this material so versatile is that it’s easy to match it with any color theme. But if minimalism is more your style, wood features add a simple stylistic touch to your existing palette.

Textures are an easy way to transform the atmosphere so you can pretend that you’re on a vacation without ever leaving your home. If you’re into a coastal theme, for example, adding driftwood pieces can help create that vibe. Looking for something a bit more industrial or rustic? Brick or metal accents can make it happen.

Let A Professional Designer Help With Your Bathroom Remodel

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