Exterior Renovations: Updating A Sliding Glass Door To A French Door

Exterior Renovations

Are you considering switching out your home’s sliding glass doors for sleek French doors? Do you want to change up the look of the entrance to your patio or deck, but haven’t quite decided which choice is best for you? Well, stress no more, because you’ve come to the right place. 

Today, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about upgrading your home’s sliding glass doors to French ones, what you need to consider, plus expert advice for making your renovation project a total breeze.

Ready? Let’s get started. 

Defining the Differences

First things first, it’s essential to know what makes sliding doors so different from French doors when considering a home upgrade. French doors operate side-by-side, with two separate doors that open from the middle. You can decide whether you want your French doors to be configured for outswing or inswing. Inswing doors open inside the home, while outswings open out from the home onto your deck or patio. 

On the other hand, sliding glass doors don’t open outwards or inwards, so they take up less space. Sliding glass doors run on a track from side to side. If you are working with a smaller room or have furniture near your door, sliding doors give you more options to open and close without bumping into anything. 

Advantages of Upgrading to French Doors

French doors offer a timeless, elegant look to any space. They are sold in a wide range of styles to fit in with any type of decor or homeowner’s preference, making them a perfect choice to boost your home’s appearance and resale value. 

While sliding doors have a tendency to get stuck on runners or slide off their tracks, French doors open with ease and make for simple user operation. Because of their classic, streamlined look, French doors give an open feel to any space with their eye-catching appeal. 

Things to Consider  

There are additional factors you need to consider when making the upgrade from sliding doors to French doors. For one thing, French doors take up considerably more space than sliding ones. Sliding doors remain on a track, while French doors swing open, taking up space either outside or in. 

If you are dealing with a large room, patio, or deck, this factor may not be as significant an issue. However, it is important to ensure that you measure the full angle of the doors to ensure the French door’s swing is not impractical for the size of the space you’re dealing with. You will also want to consider purchasing window treatments to cover your French doors and offer necessary light control and privacy.

French door installation is definitely more complicated than sliding doors. Depending on your space and door dimensions, you might require a custom product.

Hiring a professional construction and design company to assess your space, measure its capacity, and determine your door needs will save you considerable time, trouble, and cost. Professional installation is essential when it comes to French doors and will ensure you avoid the risk of error and unnecessary headache of doing it yourself.

Closing The Door… 

French doors lend sophistication and chic aesthetics to any style space, but the measurement and installation process can be a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing. Your best choice is to have an experienced, licensed contractor perform your French door installation. The process of installing a French door is complicated and time-consuming, but a professional construction and design company will ensure the process is smooth and seamless from start to finish. 

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