Easy Upgrades for Your Home’s Exterior Design

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Arriving home is a wonderful part of anyone’s day. Pulling up to your entrance and looking up at the space that houses you should bring an instant smile to your face. For those may be in need of some home exterior design work, this may not be the case. Maybe it’s time for a change. Has it been a while since your home got a facelift? Maybe something has been stopping you from making any home changes. Perhaps money has been an issue, or you simply haven’t noticed how little things are looking worn, or you think that any upgrade you start is going to inevitably turn into a mammoth task. However, even small changes to the exterior of your home could give it an updated look. This is the first impression any visitor will get of your home. If you are thinking of selling, changes in this area will have major benefits as well. Giving your home a facelift is the easiest way to make your home appear more loved and modern.

Benefits of Exterior Home Design

  • Can be Done in Stages

    There are so many reasons to make improvements to the exterior of your home. For one, these changes don’t need to be major commitments. Changes outside of your home, unlike interior work, can be done in stages more easily. Things can be fixed one at a time without the sense of “while they’re here they may as well do everything” which can be the case with internal changes. There doesn’t need to be a mass of construction going on in your home for lengthy periods of time that cause annoying disruptions to your daily movement.

  • Cost Effective

    Considering that no actual structural changes need to be done when upgrading the exterior of your home, these changes can often be done at very affordable rates. Even if the changes you want to make entail some structural work, because it is not a living space and can be done in stages, it still becomes more affordable.

  • Can be Done Quickly

    There are many changes that can be done in little time. Think about how much less access is needed to your home for external changes and with how much more ease changes can be made. There is a lot that can even be done in a day that can make a world of difference.

  • Small Things

    This is probably the best benefit of looking into making changes to the exterior design of your home. There are suggestions in the next section of this article, but basically it comes down to wear and tear, and little details. You would be amazed at how uplifting a simple coat of paint or changes to your entrance hall can do.

  • Next Step

    If you are happy with the interior of your home but would like some change for whatever reason, exterior design is a simple route to take with great upsides. For one reason, this is the first impression that anybody will have of your home. If you are looking to sell, the buyer’s dream starts in the road at first glance. For guests, it can be welcoming and appealing. Even for yourself, it will bring a sense of warmth and pleasure when you arrive home.

Things to Do

  • Changes

    The most obvious changes, and possibly the avenue with the most benefits, is the color and basic features of your home. At the simplest level, a fresh coat of paint (on a well-prepared wall) can brighten up any building. A change of color gives it a whole new look. Consider if you have wall art that could be removed for a more classic and clean look. Lattices or other details could create a complete face lift.

  • Additions

    Building on a porch or creating a new entry way to your home are other options to make alterations to your home exterior. A new entryway is particularly impactful on the eye.

  • Cleaning

    Sometimes a home could benefit from simply being neatened up a little. Some landscaping and deep cleaning from top to bottom can be completely refreshing. This should be done before any other jobs are completed anyway.

  • Enclosure

    Sometimes we forget that the parts of our homes that provide safety or privacy are more than functional. Door and window frames, gates and fencing, and any other feature that provides enclosure can be decorative as well. These features could also go a long way in creating a positive perception of the outer façade of your home.

  • Anything from Small to Major

    You can choose which of these types of changes would have the most desirable effect, or you could choose to make these changes one at a time. There is always something to be done to your exterior home design that could brighten up the look of your home, keeping it feeling updated and welcoming.

Things to Consider

  • Budget

    The options for exterior home design changes are so broad that you could easily work within the constraints of any budget. If this is an issue for you, at least you could start with small jobs and make changes as money becomes available. Be sure to consider exactly what your budget is upfront to know which aspects to change before beginning on anything. Get quotes from a reputable and reliable design company before deciding where to start. A great company will also be able to advise you in a way that works with your budget and your goals.

  • Interference

    If you decide to make changes to windows or doors, give some thought to the time period of the job to know whether alternative arrangements need to be made for you and your family to avoid exposure to any of the elements. Some jobs might create a blockage to your entrance, or materials on your property may interfere with how you go about your day. Being prepared for exactly what inconvenience the job with create will make it that much easier to endure.

  • Style

    A home front needs to be styled in such a way so as to play to the strengths and characteristics of your home. Keep your color scheme simple, with two or three colors at the most, and don’t add detail or décor that clashes with the time-period or fashion of the house.

  • Building Plans

    When looking to add on to the building of your home, look into the regulations and original plan of your property.

With very little effort and inconvenience, your home could be looking fresh enough to be recreating its first impression on you and everyone who sees it. There is no job too small to make a difference. With all this in mind, there seems to be almost no reason for not getting a fresh new look for your home.

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