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Traditional or modern home design builds are the two main choices people consider when planning the new look their home will have. When envisioning your new home, consider what type of space you want to come home to. Do you think of warm colors and cozy niches, or open-plan spaces? Both styles differ greatly, but it ultimately comes down to the question: what is your personal style? Our experienced architects know that the key to a good home is figuring out what suits you and finding the best way to make your vision come alive. Have a look below at the difference between the two major building styles and discover which resonates more with who you are.

Home Design Build – Traditional Style

A traditional home design does not mean old or outdated. Traditional refers to a classic and timeless design that gives an atmosphere of warm, cozy and family-centered living. Traditional style materials are usually mixtures of wood, brick, stucco, stone, and textured materials. The floor plans involve multiple smaller rooms that each have an independent function. This style is great for creating niches and closed spaces for a comfortable and warm place to wind down.

Furniture and interiors of traditional style homes involve lots of wood and moldings, as well as patterned curtains and fabric-covered furniture with skirting. Embellishments and adornments are used in woodwork to create the traditional style, seen in moldings, doors, kitchens, and cabinets. Textured fabrics add color or a floral theme, and walls will have wooden panels or patterned wallpaper. Paint colors are usually beige or cream, adding to the warm color scheme in the home.

The exterior of the traditional style has a pitched roof covered with tiles or shingles, the windows are placed geometrically to suit the façade of the building, and often have wooden shutters. Traditional homes have a general theme of rustic country living and are enjoyed for their simplicity and homeliness.

A popular traditional style in South Florida is the Ranch Style with pitched roofs and wood or brick exteriors. A luxury traditional style is the French Country style design with wood or stone exteriors and either a chateau or farmhouse appearance. Both styles create a countryside feeling.

Home Design Build – Modern Style

Modern design is not the polar opposite of traditional but is a different way of using the space in a home. Not to be confused with contemporary styling, which is a mixture of current styles and modern, the modern home design build uses inspiration from the period of modernism from the 1920s onwards. This style uses defining lines and focuses on the artistry of architecture. The modern style is an exploration of space and architecture which uses minimal lines while still being utilitarian.

A modern home will be minimalist and sleek, with clean lines and muted colors. Because of the improved quality of glass, it is used as part of the architecture for larger windows and different shapes. Asymmetry is used artistically, and distinct angles are made to create lines and emphasize simplicity. Most differently from traditional homes, a modern home is generally open-plan and spacious, and there is an emphasis on architectural beauty rather than adornment. The materials used are often concrete, steel, plastic and glass, and the roof is usually flat to keep in with the clean lines and right angles of the style.

An interior for a modern home will feel more spacious, as rooms are joined and glass walls, instead of brick, allow light to open the room up. Furniture stands raised above the floor to create more space and will often be made of metals and plastics. The modern style focuses on having the architecture speak as its own decoration, and walls and structures will act as part of the room instead of being covered with paneling or molding such as in traditional homes. Some people also enjoy having piping, beams, or bare brick showing to add to the feeling of architectural beauty.

In Boca Raton and all over South Florida a popular style from the 1920s and 30s was Art Deco, which draws a lot of influence from Modernism, using minimalism and geometric shapes with sharp lines. In Miami’s Art Deco District, the style is still prominent, but Boca Raton also boasts a lot of influence from this style.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Each Style?

In terms of pros and cons there is no good or bad, but you should keep in mind what works for you. Modern homes have larger rooms, the space can be altered without affecting the structure of the house, and there is a lot of natural light. Modern homes also focus on being energy efficient and having appliances or designs that are electronic and focus on a less-is-more design, often having no handles or bars. The only cons are style preference for resale value or family living, because the modern style is very specific and trendy, not suited to everyone.

Traditional homes are better for family living due to having a larger number of rooms, allowing a cozy and private space. They are warm and inviting, and often have high ceilings and very good lighting, even without walls of glass. The cons are the size limitations of each room, restricting what they can be used for and what furniture you can install. Making changes is harder in traditional builds due to needing to change the main structure.

When figuring out what style will work for you, think about the area you live in and the style that will surround your home, think about what type of home you want to walk into at the end of a hard day, or where you will entertain your family and friends. All your needs require different spaces and themes and researching in magazines or driving around your neighborhood could offer you with good ideas on what style feels right for you. If you are making the decision with a significant other, talk about what aspects you enjoy, and perhaps you can find a happy medium between both styles that incorporate both of your favorite parts.

Building a home that fits your style takes hard work and lots of consideration. Reach out to us if you need advice at any stage of the process, and we can help you along the way with our team of experienced architects.

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