Home Designs & Considerations When Installing A Pool

Installing A Pool

Deciding to install a pool can be an extremely exciting investment for your family and for your home. The decision, however, can also be extremely overwhelming with the numerous options available, and the big choices that need to be made.

When you’re looking at renovating your outdoor living area, there are some fundamental elements to take into consideration when designing a pool for your home. These elements include the size, shape, overall aesthetic, and finally, who you want to do the installation.

Maximizing Your Space

These days the size of the properties our homes are built on are on-average a lot smaller than they used to be, and so space is often very limited. Being able to maximize your existing yard space is essential in making sure your new pool doesn’t detract from other activities that can be done in your yard.

With that in mind, here are some key tips as to how you should think about positioning your pool to make the best use of the available backyard area:

  • Avoid making your pool the centerpiece of your backyard so that it won’t cut your space in half.

  • Build against the property boundary and make use of your existing fence to act as a portion of your pool fence.

  • Build your pool in an area that can be visible from the inside of the house so that your children can go swimming while you keep an eye on them from the comfort of your own kitchen or living room.

  • There is no need to build your pool with the idea in mind of having full perimeter access. Limit access to one or two sides which will not only maximize more of your backyard space but create a unique and aesthetically pleasing showstopper of a pool.

Designing Your Pool

When it comes to designing your pool, you will need to decide on the best size and shape to better maximize your space, get the best practical use and to add an aesthetic value to your backyard and home.

Here are some useful tips when it comes to designing your pool:

  • It does not need to be made for doing laps unless your husband is Michael Phelps. This is what the gym pool is for. Take the time to think about who will really be using it the most, and how often. A bigger pool is harder and more costly to maintain so it is important to come to those conclusions when deciding on the size it should be.

  • A pool should always be suitable for kids and it is nice to think of small additions that they would enjoy. Consider adding a splash pool or slide.

  • It is always nice to have areas where you can lounge below the water level. Think about steps or bench areas for those summer days sipping on cocktails with friends.

  • If you want to add a Jacuzzi or hot tub then think about how it can be built internally within the overall shape and space of the pool. A seamless addition like this can add significant value to your backyard and home.

  • Last, it is a good idea to think about where the entrance of the pool should be regarding your home and how the overall aesthetic should be cohesive with that of your home. The placement of the pool steps should provide continuity for where people would be coming from the house to the pool so that ultimately it feels like an extension of your home and not just an after-thought.

Choosing Your Materials And Finishes

If you’re deciding to install a pool as an investment in your home and to further increase its value, then it is important to pay attention to the details. Here are some useful tips to consider when deciding on material selection and surface finishes:

  • Choosing to have lighter tile finishes for the inside of the pool has become very trendy and is the safer option too. This is because it will make the color of the water a lot lighter and clearer so that you can have eyes on your kids swimming underwater at all times.

  • Another recent and practical design trend is if you do opt for the lighter color tiles for the inside of the pool, to then have darker paving finishes on the outside of the pool. Darker paving is also more practical as it will wear stains a lot better.

  • Something else to consider when choosing pool finishes is bringing in different colors. You can either bring in natural color additions such as planting flower beds around the pool exterior or using pot plants. Otherwise, another option is to choose mosaic tiles to line the inside top layer of the pool to add a unique and European feel.

  • Finally, it is always a good idea to try and balance hard and soft finishes. If you do opt for a darker color interior pool tile for example, then it might be nice to finish the outside with some stone cladding or a water feature to add a soft touch.

Choosing Your Contractor

When it comes to choosing a residential contractor to do the job, it is always a good idea to make sure you have decided exactly what it is you want in a pool for your home. Even after reading through all of the best tips for designing your pool, the most important rule to remember is that the choice is yours. Find a contractor that is experienced, reliable, knowledgeable and can guide you into making the best and right choices for you and your home.

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