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Building your own home is an exciting and valuable venture to embark on, with so much potential for creativity and choice! Custom home builders will be faced with many decisions regarding the design of their new home, and will need to take into consideration what kinds of customizations will be best suited to their particular needs and lifestyles.

Custom home building means maximizing the personalization of your home space, and also adds market value to your property. There are many trends that run throughout custom home building; such as eco-friendly, reusable materials or energy-conscious design. Find out more about the most popular customizations to design a home that is both beautiful and functional.

10 Popular Customizations from Custom Home Builders

Needing a suitable living area for a parent or grandparent? Desiring a kitchen that can house all your cooking equipment? Stairs or no stairs? It is important to consider all the options you have when designing your home to ensure you make decisions applicable for your family needs. Read these ten popular home customizations.

  1. Large, Open Kitchen Plan
    If you are a parent or family who enjoys cooking, the kitchen really is the heart of your home. Design your kitchen with maximum space so that not only do you have enough space for all your appliances, but also so that it becomes an inviting, comfortable room to be in. Adding a kitchen island with a sink and stove is a tasteful move to make, allowing you and others to walk around the cooking area and not simply being confined to one corner. If you enjoy entertaining, it would be wise to make the kitchen and dining room open plan, meaning that you can interact with your guests while cooking at the same time.
  2. Eliminating Walls
    Removing walls between rooms gives your home a modern feel, and also allows more air and light to flow through the house. High ceilings also add roominess and space to your home.
  3. Home Office
    Enjoy the convenience and comfort of working from home in your own personalized office. Consider making your home office detached from the rest of the house so that you can give yourself privacy and quiet when needing to work.
  4. Master Bedroom on Main Floor
    Building the main bedroom on the main floor of the house means that you won’t need to climb up stairs as often.
  5. Multi-Generational Living
    If there are people from different generations living on the same property (such as older parents or grandparents), keep in mind that stairs would not be ideal for the elderly. Ensure that their living quarters are on ground floor to make access easy.
  6. Covered Front Porch
    Give your home a covered porch, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors rain or shine.
  7. Entertainment Rooms
    A home theater, a yoga or Pilates studio, library or a games room are wonderful and fun additions to any family home. Create a comfortable space designed specifically for exercise, fun and entertainment in your home.
  8. Environmentally Friendly
    Design your home in a way that is not harmful to the environment and save on electricity bills. Ask your builder to use recycled building materials, install energy-efficient lighting and insulation, and use water-efficient faucets.
  9. Garage Size
    If you are a family owning several cars you will need to design your garage accordingly. If you don’t own a car, then opting to leave out a garage will save you on costs and give you extra space for a garden or extra room.
  10. Utility Room
    Extra storage space, or perhaps a walk-in closet, is always a bonus. Free up clutter throughout your home and keep things neatly tucked away in a utility room.

Choosing to custom build your home is the best decision you’ll make! Not only will your home be tailored specifically for your family needs, but it will also increase in market value. Speak to Miller Construction & Design today on (561) 988-2637 to begin designing the home of your dreams.

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