Considering A Custom Home Build?

Custom Home Build

A custom home build is an exciting option for those who are home hunting. There are many things to consider when choosing whether to buy an existing home, or to build from scratch. Here are our top six reasons why a custom home build could be the best choice for you.

#1: Floor Plan Freedom

Choosing a custom home build gives you the choice of the exact floor plan that you want. Buying a home that is already built often means adapting your needs to the existing structure. Building from scratch allows you to choose the layout that meets all your requirements. Our in-house design team are available to work with you to help you create your ideal home.

#2: Complete Customization

Another appealing element of a custom home build is the freedom to choose every detail of your new home. From big things such as layout, wall color, windows and lighting, down to the tiniest details such as faucets and doorknobs. You get to develop a home that will suit your lifestyle, your taste and your pocket.

#3: Avoid The Buyers Scramble

Existing homes are often on the market for approximately 30 days. That’s a short time for buyers to compete to find their ideal homes. Under the pressure of competing offers, it is easy to make rushed decisions and end up with something that isn’t what you wanted or end up paying more than you budgeted for. A custom home build removes the element of competition and takes that pressure off you, giving you the breathing space to make good decisions.

#4: New Home = No Old Flaws

As a home gets older, big maintenance issues are bound to crop up. Roof leaks, structural issues or HVAC system failure are common in older homes. Building a new home means you won’t inherit old faults. You also won’t have to deal with age-related home repairs for a long time.

#5: Eco-friendly & Energy Efficient

New homes will be built to meet the latest building codes. They are likely to be designed to be energy efficient, which will mean a lower utility bill for you. Older homes that are running on dated, less energy-efficient systems will cost you more to run. A custom home build can be designed to incorporate the latest technology, giving you a home that is eco-friendly, energy efficient and will suit your lifestyle.

#6: No Alterations Needed

A custom home build means that you will get a home that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Moving into an existing house that doesn’t suit your needs will lead to addition expense and noisy inconvenience as you will need to have alterations done to the house.

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Custom Home Build

  • A custom home build will take time. Buying a house often means you can move in soon after closing the deal, but getting exactly what you want by building it, may take some patience.
  • There is usually very little room for bargaining over the price.
  • You may need to put up with construction traffic and noise.
  • Finishing costs can add up. The best way to handle this is to be prepared. List and price all the additional expenses that you’ll need to cover once your home is built. This will include things like landscaping the garden, blinds and window finishes.

Checklist: Is A Custom Home Build Right For You?

A custom home build is a fantastic way to get the home you want from the start. However, you may be wondering if it’s the right choice for you. Here are some questions to guide you in your decision. The more questions you answer ‘yes’ to, the more comfortable you’ll be with it.

  • Are you open to the idea of choosing and buying land and a home design layout?
  • Do you have a good feel for what you want regarding fixtures, flooring, counter tops, cabinets and all the other fine details?
  • Is budgeting and sticking to a budget within your skills?
  • Do you have time available for the hands-on nature of a custom home build? There are many decisions that will need your input. If you are away or unavailable, building progress may be halted and the project could drag on.

What If A Custom Home Build Isn’t For You?

Custom home builds are not right for everybody. If you answered a few ‘no’s’ to our guideline questions above, you may want to consider buying, with the option to renovate. Our in-house design team are ready to help you remodel your new home to suit all your needs.

Choosing The Best Team To See Your Dream Home Become Reality

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