Commercial Remodeling For A Greener Future

Commercial Remodeling

At the moment, we only have one planet that we can call home and that is why it is important that we think about how we use it. We should be taking care of our planet in everything we do. People have begun to realize this and have noted that building (and especially commercial remodeling and building) should be no different. Sustainable commercial building and remodeling can go a long way to ensuring that we will be able to call this planet home for a bit longer.

What Is Green Building or Remodeling?

Building and remodeling ‘Green’ is the idea that buildings should be designed and operated so that they reduce negative environmental effects and create positive outcomes. Natural resources are limited and green buildings are designed to preserve those limited resources.

What Are The Benefits of Green Commercial Remodeling?

There are a variety of benefits which come with choosing a green remodeling plan. These benefits may be to you, your environment or you community. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reducing Consumption of Non-Renewable Materials

    Again, we only have one planet and that planet only has a finite number of natural resources. By going green, your business can help reduce the consumption of natural resources like gas or coal.

  • Saving Money on Energy

    Although green remodeling costs money, in the long run it can also save money. As mentioned, there are a limited amount of resources and everyone is competing for them. Because of this, they are becoming more and more expensive. Using green remodeling techniques can end up saving your business a lot of money in water, gas, electricity costs, etc.

  • It Makes Your Business Look Good

    Going green is free advertising. By making these changes to your building, your business sends out the message that it is a socially responsible enterprise and it has been shown that socially responsible businesses tend to be more successful.

What Are Some Examples of Green Remodeling

We’ve seen the benefits of green remodeling but practically, how does it look?

  • Skylights

    Green building is about being smart and doesn’t always need to involve a lot of fancy technology. A lot of people don’t know this but we actually have a naturally occurring source of light called the ‘sun’ that can illuminate spaces for a large part of the day. Windows or simple sky lights look brilliant and are great ways to bathe your building in natural light. They can also cut costs by reducing the need for electric lights during the day. Not only is natural healthier, it is cheaper too.

  • Use Reclaimed or Upcycled Materials

    Materials are often discarded when people think they have served their purpose but in fact, smart commercial contractors are able to help you find and reuse some material. Wood and metal are commonly reclaimed materials and making use of them can have a variety of benefits from saving money to not using up new materials to being aesthetically pleasing (they can be used for the rustic look which has become so popular).

  • Build to Recycle Water

    The effects of climate change are evident for all to see. Some major cities have already had major water scares. We can however learn from these cities and employ some of their water saving techniques before we actually need them. For example, businesses can add gutters to funnel water (in the rainy season) to rainwater tanks which can then be used to flush toilets or water plants, etc. This is a simple way of using water in a green way and can also help to reduce water costs to the business.

In short, green remodeling is an ideal that may have many benefits to your business from giving it a good reputation to saving money in the long run. Call Miller Construction and Design on (561) 988-2637 to find out more about green commercial remodeling and how it can benefit your business.

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