Building Out Vs. Up: Things To Consider For Your Home Addition

Home Addition

The choice of building upward or outward isn’t always an easy one. Whether you’re expanding for some extra entertainment space or to add a room for a new family member, there’s a lot to consider when deciding the best way to add to your living space. Luckily, we’re here to help you streamline the idea of your home addition into a plan that works for you.

Turn Your Dream Into A Plan

Expanding your home is an exciting, if a little daunting, endeavor that changes how you live your day-to-day. No addition pops up overnight, so chances are you’ve been thinking about the perfect way you want to build up or out. You might have a fully thought out design already in mind, or maybe you’re still considering what you want to add to your home. Either way, it’s time to turn these ideas into a solid plan.

If you already have a reason for the addition, this process becomes a lot simpler. If you’re expecting a child, you’ll want to add a nursery. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and work from home, it’s a home office space that you’ll need. Make sure to define your needs and your wants, and be prepared to stand firm to keep those needs at the core of your addition plan. This will help you find the addition that’s right for you – if elderly family members are moving in, building upwards is going to cause a few problems.

Cost, Space, And Other Logistics

Next, you can move on to building the foundations for your addition plan. At the end of the day, available funds and space on the property are going to play a large role in the addition plan process.

  • Cost

    While any addition is going to involve a substantial investment, building upwards is going to ask more of your bank. When you’re building up, the home’s existing foundations need to be checked and strengthened to make sure they can hold the weight of another story. Building outwards involves a lot less hassle: foundations are laid down over the new area, walls and a roof are built-in, and after some work on the old exterior wall, your new addition is done.

  • Space

    There are two elements of space to consider, namely the amount of space you want to add and the space you have available to build. If you want to add three bedrooms and a bathroom but your yard is already small, then your best plan would be to build a second (or third) story. Out-of-house space isn’t the only thing to take into account, though, as inserting a staircase can take up to 120 square feet of your living space away. Don’t worry if you’re too short on space for full additions, as there are many renovation projects for small homes that can still revitalize your space.

  • Permits

    Whether you’re building up or out, you have to make sure you’ve filled in the necessary forms and applied for building permits. These will also offer guidelines as to how much you can add to your home, or in which direction you can do it. This can prove to be a difficult process, so having a professional contractor take care of it for you can let you focus on your addition design.

Don’t Forget Design

Although an addition is a new part of your home, it’s still important to blend your space. If you’re ready to modernize your entire home, this would be a good time to renovate and keep the design cohesive. Matching flooring, decor, furniture, and window style is important in creating a home that feels connected the whole way through, internally and externally. If this is too much to take on, you should try your best to match flooring materials and paint, as even these small matching elements can add cohesion to your home.

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