5 Top Tips for an Easier Complete Home Remodel

complete home remodel

Are you thinking about building your dream home in a complete home remodel? Here are 5 of the best tips to ensure you have the most stress-free construction time.

  1. Have a Plan

    The most important step for a complete home remodel – possibly the most important step on the path to success in any area of life – is to have a plan. You should want to have a basic timeline drafted with all the major conceptual changes documented. Be sure about your decisions as changing one’s mind can be an expensive shift. Keep clippings, photos and plans ready, along with accurate measurements of your home and desired changes to transform the space into your dream home. You should also call a professional when finalizing your plan as they may provide practical advice specific to your home and setting that you may have overlooked.

  2. Have a Budget

    Having a budget is not only important when choosing your materials and your areas for remodel, it helps you keep track of all the changes that are happening. Being able to adequately allocate money to the remodel, knowing the areas to focus on and the areas that aren’t so important, is critical in home-owners’ budgeting skills to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck. Surveys show that home-owners who choose to plan thoroughly have been found to have a higher probability for successful rebuilds as they generally include and maintain a 10-15% buffer to help when compromises need to be made or major financially altering construction surprises occur.

  3. Consider the Amenities

    Before you try to tackle a project as big as a complete home remodel, you have to remember essential parts of your home life: water and electricity. Make sure there are provisions in place for when those features are being worked on, as well as viable methods for testing. This is important for continued work and remodel as well as for the finishing touches on a home. Never underestimate the difference lighting makes in a space; it can change the atmosphere and add a unique flare.

  4. Keeping Up With the Jones

    Remember that complete home remodels are long days, hard work and require one to be accepting of sacrifice. Installing features that may seem trendy now, will soon phase out leaving you with an expensive remodel that is unlikely to adapt with the times. Rather stick to classic features that you really love so that your remodel grows with you, keeping you in your dream for longer.

  5. Choose the Right Contractor

    Finding and hiring the best professional contractors for your home remodel is crucial to ensure a smooth and successful home remodeling project. The right company can guarantee quality work done in the quickest timeframe. Although some may argue that this is an additional expense, some companies are able to organize deals on certain materials and their good work can reduce the need for maintenance and repairs – saving you money in the long run.

  6. In order to choose the right contractor, you should look through reviews on websites and local guides; call up a previous client and ask them about their satisfaction regarding the job. Confirm and verify the contractor’s license and insurance to make sure you’re covered throughout repairs. Meet with them when you receive quotes to gauge what they are like in person – this way you can ask them about any questions you make have about the job or the quote, whilst being able to objective compare company prices.

If you are thinking about diving into a complete home remodel, remember to have a plan, budget wisely, ensure basic amenities always, keep it classic and hire the best people for the job. If you have any questions about complete home remodeling or contracting services, call us at Miller Construction and Design today.

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