2020 Is The Year Of Complete Home Remodels

Home Remodels

Looking at building a new home build? Have you grown tired of your current home and considering a move? A complete home remodel can revitalize your home and completely change the functionality of your space. From changing floor plans to a completely new color scheme, a home remodel can make your home feel brand new. Home remodels are often more affordable than building or moving and require less inconvenience. There are unique home remodeling trends that are taking the housing market by storm.

Here are the latest trends to inspire your complete home remodel.

Colorful Kitchens

White kitchens are becoming a thing of the past. Although they carry a timeless and classic clean look, homeowners are beginning to look for more expressive designs. According to Houzz, while white cabinets remain to be a popular trend with remodelers, there are a growing number of people who are looking for alternatives.

The growing trend includes the introduction of soft hues such as light grays and blues. The use of wood is also on the rise specifically for open shelving, countertops, and drawers. Bolder colors are also being seen where navy cabinets are popping up in more homes. Navy helps to balance out the whiter tones and give an elegant look to a kitchen while blending well with marble and brass. Three-tone kitchens are also growing in popularity. Two-tone kitchen cabinets have dominated kitchens for ages. Adding a third color or material helps to create asymmetry in the kitchen. It’s effective in defining zones or functions in the kitchen and helps to keep a fluid look.

Kitchen Seating

There is a growing trend to make kitchen seating more functional and thus built-in kitchen seating is becoming more popular. Kitchen booths create a place for families to sit and interact together. Booths offer a casual and cozy atmosphere where meals and conversations can be shared. The repurposing of kitchen islands to become kitchen tables is also growing in popularity. Countertops are extended on two or more sides to create a place for seating which enables a multi-purpose island.

Organic Countertops

Kitchen countertops are moving toward natural materials. Porcelain slabs offer vivid patterns while still containing stain and heat-resistant qualities. Porcelain offers a natural veining aesthetic while still maintaining a polished look. Quartz is also growing in popularity and carries a wide variation meaning that no two slabs will ever look the same. Various wood countertops are becoming very trendy when it comes to kitchen islands. The use of wood creates an organic and tactile feel. According to research by Houzz, 41% of renovating homeowners chose butcher block or wooden countertops for their island.

Open Showers

With the growing trend of smaller homes and busier lifestyles, many people are turning to trendy space-saving open showers. Smaller bathrooms allow for open showers to take center stage which helps to create a spacious feel. Open showers eliminate a compartmentalized look by adding a natural flow within a space. They also require fewer materials and can highlight bold bathroom tiling designs.

Stand-Alone Tubs

Stand-alone bathtubs are becoming more popular for your medium-sized to larger homes. Stand-alone bathtubs create a luxurious feel in a bathroom. Bath Tub designers are working on trendy smaller tubs that can fit into medium-sized bathrooms. Stand-alone tubs are no longer only plain white and now come in several different colors and shapes. They can so easily form the centerpiece of a bathroom while still fitting in with the overall look and feel of the space.

Formal Dining Rooms​​​​​​

Formal dinner parties are growing in popularity. Many homeowners are looking to turn their dining rooms into ‘wow’ spaces to entertain from. From bold colors to eye-catching light fixtures and iconic art pieces, these spaces are sure to become show stoppers in more homes around the U.S. They carry versatility in that they can still function as a space for the mid-week family sit down meal. From casual weeknights to fancy dress-up dinner parties, the dining room is destined to become grander.

Biophilic Design

There is growing research that suggests that human beings are happier and calmer when exposed to nature. Creating a more eco-friendly and sustainable approach is a great way to remodel your home. Biophilic design brings elements of nature into your home. It’s not about turning your house into a greenhouse, but more about tastefully including sustainable materials and techniques. This can be done by introducing more plants into your home, using reclaimed wood and recycled materials and making use of efficient lighting to name a few. Biophilic elements will do especially well in the South Florida area with its humid climate. From a greenery wall to potted plants or a moss foot mat, nature can do very well to create a tranquil feel to your home.

Feature Fireplaces

Fireplaces are becoming unique feature items on home remodels. The trend is moving away from mounting a TV above a fireplace towards creating inviting ‘stand-alone’ fireplaces. Multi-sided gas fireplaces are growing in popularity. These see-through features add to the flow of a room and help to add a warm glow and feel to your house. Wood burning fireplaces are also making a comeback in many houses as the ambiance and crackling of the wood brings about a certain nostalgia. A built-in fireplace is a must-have feature for your home remodel especially in the Colorado area which has a cool and drier climate.

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