2017 Interior Remodeling Trends

interior remodeling

There is good news regarding 2017 and the predicted trends for interior remodeling –they are so versatile that no matter what your taste, the trends can be adapted to suit you.

What are the top interior remodeling trends?

Satin brass

Brass finishes are the secret to bringing shiny golden tones to a space without the heavy costing. The trend of polished brass finishes has extended to include more muted and warmer tones of satin or brushed brass. Versatile in its complimentary nature, it matches most colors.

Vanity conversions

Vanity conversions are hot on trend at the moment. Home owners are using various consoles as vanity conversions rather than trying to find the perfect premanufactured vanity. This has led to old file cabinets and chests of drawers becoming useful pieces of furniture.

Kitchen storage walls

Space is limited and valuable. Kitchen walls-turned-storage spaces make sure that space is utilized with maximum effect, without spreading storage spots out across the kitchen.

White in its various tones

Off-white carries just as much weight regarding “fresh appeal” as straight white. When used in conjunction with pure white, it can create a warmer and less stark atmosphere.


Green is the color of the year. The revitalizing color compliments wood and creates a natural, zesty tone for the room.


If the open freshness of white and green are not to your taste, Terracotta is the trend for 2017 that offers a warmer feel, without the darkness. By including a matte finish, the ‘rustic’ feel that was previously associated with the tiles is removed, and character is added to compliment the ‘fresh’ feel for the year.


Another warm alternate texture for the year is cork. Besides it benefit of absorbing noise, it can be used as a practical and decorative texture as a side table, covering walls (to pin notes on) or stone tops.

Spending a little bit extra on laundry rooms

As the trend would have it, home-owners are taking increased pride in all rooms of their homes – including the laundry room. Design tricks are being incorporated to bring in more light, and storage tricks for more space.

Focus on entrance halls

Although a small area, the entryway is a space with a lot of design potential that can create a great first impression – and warm invitation to guests. Some suggested add-ons that don’t necessarily cost too much could include a new wallpaper, a statement mirror or a narrow table that can multi-operate as a storage or decorative piece.

Experiential showers

There is something about an outdoor shower that creates a sense of holiday – relaxing and perhaps even a little rebellious. Of course, an outdoor shower is not always practical year-round. But the fun-loving feeling of an outdoor shower has been made a priority by some designers for 2017 by creating intimate courtyards and strategic site placement for a bathroom that connects with the outdoors, and maintaining the privacy of indoors.

Counter-depth fridges

If you own a smaller sized kitchen, remodeling can be an intimidating feat when you consider how much space you have to work with. Counter-depth refrigerators are trending in 2017 as they sit tightly alongside cabinets and countertops. The purpose? Creating an increased sense of space by streamlining the room.

Upholstered bedheads

Out with the timber bed frame, and in with the upholstered bed headsets. Adding a luxurious feel, the upholstered bed head can be modeled in any chosen expression – from classic velvet, to funky print.


A little bit trickier to do in smaller homes, but a real relief for homes with the space to afford it. Little nooks and niche spots with relaxed furniture, sofas and floor cushions are trending this year to allow people the escape from the hustle and bustle of our technologically-busy world.

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