10 Top Ideas for Exterior Renovations

exterior renovations

It is often said that it is what is on the inside that counts, however, we believe that when it comes to your home the outside is equally as important. A house in need of exterior renovations can make you want to run away before you enter your front door, yet a well-designed and maintained one can make the experience a joy forever! Read here for some helpful, innovative ideas to keep your home’s outside looking up to shape!

Ten Ideas for Exterior Renovations

Here are several ideas to inspire you to change the look and feel of your home. Some are as simple as implementing some greenery; others require more time and effort but will ensure your home experience is enjoyable from start to finish.

  1. Start Simple

    Giving your home’s exterior a good wash, retouching with fresh paint and mowing the lawn are examples of easy yet effective ways to vamp up the look of your house.

  2. Garden Path

    Lead people in style from your gate to your front door with a new gravel path. Not only will it create a good first impression as you enter the premises, but it will also make walking around easier, especially at night.

  3. Greenery

    You can never go wrong with plants. Adding some shrubbery or herbaceous plants to contour the edge of your house will instantly decorate your home’s exterior with a sense of care, life and vibrancy. For a final touch, spread mulch over your garden beds.

  4. Lighting

    Installing gentle lighting near your front door or around your garden will add a warm, inviting atmosphere to your home.

  5. Replace the Windows

    Windows are like eyes to your home – they are one of the main focal points of the house. They give your home character, but over time, can become worn down and drab. Replacing your windows is a fairly simple way to restore the soul to your house’s exterior! However, be sure to consult with a professional for advice on which windows to choose and how to install them.

  6. Attention to Detail

    New trim and gutters can go a long way in adding interest to the style of your house’s exterior.

  7. Upgrade Your Roof

    The roof adds much to the overall aesthetic of a building. By changing the roof coverings, your home will look as if it has been completely revamped – this is how much effect your roof can have. Upgrading your roof coverings will also help to improve insulation in the house which can save you money in the long run. Much like the windows, it is advisable to involve a professional who can ensure your roof is given the proper repair care it needs.

  8. Mixing Materials

    A very contemporary trend is to incorporate different textures into your home by using a combination of materials such as concrete, wood, brick or metal. Concrete is an especially good choice as it can be made into a variety of colors and be finished with polishing. It is a pricier material, and so if you decide to use it, an experienced architect or construction builder needs to be involved in the project to ensure the outcome is exactly how you imagine it to be.

  9. Make Use of Brick Slips

    For a relatively easy exterior makeover, brick slips are great for hiding away ugly finishes on your existing façade. While they look like normal bricks, they are actually made from just the face of a brick, or from other materials such as tile. Their availability in a variety of colors and textures is something that you can play around with.

  10. A Deck Area

    Having a deck and barbeque area is perfect for families or for those who like to entertain others in your home. Not only can you fill it with comfortable loungers and chairs, but it will add instant style to the outside area of your home.

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